Calorie burning holiday activities

Rather than letting yourself go on holiday, keep your New Year’s resolutions in mind and join in these activities that will burn calories without you even having to try. Sand, sea and warm weather provide an excellent environment for keeping fit, proving as effective as slaving away in the gym all day (and without the discomfort and monotony). Here we reveal just how many calories you can burn in ten minutes on the beach without even realising.

Is this you most recent holiday snap? Then you need the tips below...

Does this look more like your recent holiday snap? Then you need the tips below…

Swimming in the sea

Sea swimming is one of the best all-round exercises there is as it uses all of the major muscle groups simultaneously. What’s more, sea swimmers will build up their strength, stamina and flexibility, creating long, lean muscles and a slim and toned overall look. Sea swimming also tones up your legs, arms and torso much quicker than pool swimming due to the resistance of the waves and the fact that swimmers generally spend longer in the sea as there is no end point.

Ten-minute calorie burn: 79 calories

Walking on the beach

Walking along the beach, even gently, can afford a surprisingly energetic workout, using between 20 and 50 per cent more calories than the same walk on a flat surface. Try walking at a distance further away from the waterfront as the softer the sand, the greater the resistance and therefore the harder the workout.

Ten-minute calorie burn: 79 calories

Playing Frisbee on the sand

While only a moderate aerobic activity when played on a flat surface, playing Frisbee on the beach works both your lower and upper body quite vigorously. You will unknowingly workout your biceps, shoulders and tummy muscles, with added resistance from the sand.

Ten-minute calorie burn: 66 calories

Running in the waves

Kicking your way through the waves offers a highly cardiovascular workout with all the benefits of resistance training. Water is almost 15 times more resistant than air, meaning you can burn nearly 20 calories per minute – ­twice as much as running on a dry surface.

Ten-minute calorie burn: 200 calories

Playing racquets

Bat and ball games as well as being fun, are actually quite an intense workout. You can work your torso, upper arm and shoulder muscles, and, if you play on the beach, the sand will help to reduce the impact on your joints, while still improving your strength.

Ten-minute calorie burn: 72 calories

Getting stuck in to some beach volleyball

This extraordinary sport increases your aerobic capacity while also toning up your body. Playing on the sand, much like with raquets, reduces the impact on your ankles, working your triceps, shoulders, quads and calf muscles without damaging you joints.

Ten-minute calorie burn: 84 calories

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