Travel alert: 18 January 2013

A snowstorm is affecting travel across parts of the UK today. These are the areas that are affected at the moment: East of England, London and the South, the Midlands, parts of Wales, the North West and Northern Ireland. There is even a Red Alert warning from the Met Office. So our advice is: avoid all but absolutely essential travel. If you are on the move, check rail and bus services are running and as we mentioned, check with your airport before leaving the house. Or you could just grab a cup of hot chocolate and have a look at to find the only cure for a snowstorm: sunshine.

Airports affected

You can find our list of Airports and Airlines on twitter here.

Birmingham Airport: has suspended flights for the moment. Find out more via their twitter feed here.

Stansted Airport: has compiled its own flight tracker, so you can check on the status of you flight directly.

Southampton Airport: There will be no flights until at least 15:00 today due to snow. If you are flying today please check with your airline for the latest information prior to coming into the airport.”

Heathrow Airport: Many British Airways flights have been cancelled today, you can check the status here.

Cardiff Airport: has announced many cancellations but is advising passengers to check in as normal.

Bristol Airport: is facing some disruption which you can check here.

Liverpool Airport:

And Ryanair is among many airlines with live flight trackers, available here.

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