Caught in a bad romance? Anti Valentines Day escapes

Purple Tips: Anti Valentines Day Escapes

Celebrate anti-valentine’s day with our least romantic places to visit. Instead of the cheesiest holiday you can think of (we’ve all been there) with vomit inducing PDAs at the Eiffel Tower, or over the top cuddling by candlelight in Rome and escape to the least romantic places ever.

Take that Valentine’s Day!

Anywhere in North Korea That’s if you can even get in there. The notoriously secret state has strict rules on visitors, with only around 1500 who make it each year. Your phone is likely to be confiscated on arrival and you won’t be allowed anywhere without your guide. Not to mention winters are bleak and cold and usually go hand in hand with power shortages, while summers are overcast and humid. We don’t think it’s exactly screaming romance.Pants

Zagreb and its Museum of Broken Relationships Get your tissues ready, you might need them in the Croatian capital Zagreb. There you’ll find an onslaught of heartbreak, after a small art project grew to a full on museum filled with the souvenirs of relationships past.

3_disturbingThe worst hotel in the world in Amsterdam The Hans Brinker actually prides itself on being the worst hotel in the world, with oddly shaped rooms, a bargain basement feeling and watered down beer! Romance just about stretches to guests’ sexual preferences scribbled on the walls. Perfect for an extremely uncomfortable anti valentines day escape.

Mummy Museum in Luxor Because nothing screams love like being surrounded by skulls and the idea of brains being pulled out through noses. Actually a really insightful place, the Museum even has its own mummified animals section. Definitely one to escape from the hysterics of all things St Valentine related.

Rotorua in New Zealand The scenery is breathtaking, the hot springs and mud pools are made for relaxing in, it’s perfect for couples, right? Wrong, one sniff of the gaseous odours that escape the earth here and you’ll be running for cover. The rotten eggs smell has even given rise to a charming nickname: Sulphur City.

Ice cream in the Modern Toilet restuarant

Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan Nothing says I love you like sitting amongst opposite your loved one while you’re on the toilet. Oh, wait… that’s what you get during your meal at this kitsch eatery. In fact toilets are not just for sitting on here, mini versions are used as plates, while drinks come in specially made urinals and don’t even get us started on the deserts!

Breaking up is hard to do, unless you’re in a dedicated Divorce Hotel in the Netherlands. At this chain of 20 or so hotels, there are teams of legal experts and advisors on hand to get your divorce going in a long weekend. During your downtime there are 5* facilities to take advantage of, which is exactly what you need on an anti valentines day holiday!

Death Valley National Park in California. It’s called Death Valley, you need more reason than that?

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