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With spring in the air, we like nothing better than to boost our vitamin D levels with a little sunshine getaway. Some gentle hiking, a bit of sunbathing and great food and drinks are really top of our agenda and here at Purple Travel. we have deals with all of those in spades. What are your picks for Spring holidays?


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Spring break 2014 

Spain is always a favourite, with sunshine practically on tap and a plenty of accommodation options – the Balearics and Canaries are a great choice. If you’re looking for a more active type of break, then in the mainland, specifically Northern Spain you will find an authentic experience with plenty of walking and cycling and that all important sunshine on tap.

Relaxing on the beautiful islands of Greece is another great choice for a bit of a spring clean of the mind and body. Relax on any of the sunny islands that are usually just coming to life in spring. Sun, sea and sand in Corfu or Crete are a must, or you could base yourself in the capital Athens, the perfect place to explore the mainland.

If you want something on the more exotic side, let us recommend stunning Egypt. Find out about thousands of years of history from the comfort of a Nile Cruise. It’s the perfect way to discover the temples and breathtaking sights of this wonderful country.


Endless sunshine, turquoise waters, powder white sands and lots of refreshing cocktails by the sea! What more could you ask for your spring holiday? So, if that’s your dream, and let’s face it, isn’t it everyone’s? Then there’s no better place than the islands of the Caribbean Sea.

For travellers looking to completely chill out, St. Lucia is the place to be. It is filled with tropical scenery and lined with unparalleled beaches. Savour juicy exotic fruits, refreshing cocktails and enticing local cuisine in the best destination we can think of to completely unwind.

For those of you who want to an more energising and rejuvenating spring break after that harsh winter weather, (more snow? Are you kidding me?) Jamaica can offer everything at once. Soak up that all important sun, sea and sand, explore the historic estates and plantations or simply immerse yourself in the world renowned relaxed atmosphere of reggae country. renowned relaxed way of life.


Unique beaches, absolute tranquillity and well organised tourist services make the island chain of the Maldives the ideal destination for your next spring break. The coral atolls of the complex reward even the most discerning travellers. Only serious holiday makers need apply! The islands offer magical peace and quiet, along with the most delicious fish dishes and a plethora of water sports. To finish off a perfect day, watch a perfect sunset from your beach side room. Just don’t blame us if you never want to leave!

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  • Cherie D

    Mmm very nice – St Lucia and the Maldives for me. But we’re economizing this year in the lake district – I’m still excited though.

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