Purple Tips: Hen dos and Dont’s

The first rule of hen parties? Let it get wild, but don’t let it get completely out of control. You still have a wedding to celebrate! With that in mind, here are some of our top hen dos and dont’s for the best party ever. As always, if we’ve missed any add them below in the comments section!

Hen Party

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Don’t organise the party too close to the wedding date. The bride needs to look her best on her big day.

There is some debate about paying for it – it’s the hen’s party after all. So do put a bit of thought into how you’re going to sort out the expenses. Get someone reliable to look after the kitty, book as a group for the best deals on flights and hotels (talk to Vicky at PurpleTravel.co.uk and she’ll sort it out for you) and book a couple of activities in advance, pole dancing lesson anyone?

Don’t forget to make sure that any game or prank shouldn’t leave the bride looking bad or feeling (too) embarrassed. She wants to remember her hen party as a highlight in the run up to her big day.

Don’t forget some supplies for the morning after: pain killers, lots of water and love and affection are good fixes for a sore head.

Do keep some things quiet. You want to surprise your hen, maybe it can as simple as a special pampering package waiting for her, or something a little more extreme like a stripper meal. Either way, do keep a couple of details to yourself!

Don’t let the hen get carried away. Temptation might be put right in front of her, but heading off with someone else isn’t really the best way to start off married life!

If you’re heading on a hen, you probably know someone going to the stag… don’t forgot our definitive stag dos and don’ts for the men in your life!

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    When planning a Hen Party a lot of people forget about the little things like you have listed, yet they seem like the most important things on the night.

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