Purple Tips: The World’s Best Museums

A city break would be rejuvenating for those who just need a change of setting with an emphasis on knowledge; and where better to be found than in a museum. So, here are some of the best museums in the world to enrich your knowledge!


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Musee du Louvre, PARIS-FRANCE

The Louvre in Paris is one of the world’s largest and most visited art museums in the world. The museum opened in 1793 and is housed in the Louvre Palace, a former royal palace. The famous glass pyramid which in the main courtyard of the Louvre Palace was added in 1989 and serves as the main entrance to the museum. Its exhibits come from such diverse origins as ancient Egypt, classical Greece and Rome, medieval Europe and Napoleonic France. Its most famous exhibit, of course, is Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of the Mona Lisa, generally to be found surrounded by hordes of camera-flashing tourists.
Opening times: Daily 09:00-18:00, Thursday excluded. Tickets: Daily ticket 9.00 EUR (Except of Hall Napoleon with temporary exhibitions), Daily ticket 13 EUR, all exhibitions inclusive. Every first Sunday of the month entrance is free of charge.

Museo Nacional del Prado, MADRID-SPAIN

One of the top museums in Spain, The Prado Museum in Madrid features some of the best collections of European art, from the 12th century to the early 19th century. The best known works on display at the museum are the Majas of Goya (La Maja Vestida and La Maja Desnuda) and Las Meninas by Velázquez. Velázquez not only provided the Prado with his own works, but his keen eye and sensibility was also responsible for bringing much of the museum’s fine collection of Italian masters to Spain.
Opening times: Daily 09:00-20:00, Monday excluded. Tickets: Daily 6 EUR. Free entrance from Tuesday to Saturday, 18:00-20:00 and every Sunday from 17:00 to 20:00.

MoMA, New York-USA

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), located in Midtown Manhattan in New York City, is often identified as the most influential museum of modern art in the world. It arguably contains the best collection of modern masterpieces world-wide including Monet’s Water Lilies, Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, and van Gogh’s Starry Night. In addition to the artwork, one of the main draws of MoMA is the building itself. A maze of glass walkways permits art viewing from many angles.
Opening times: Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday 10.30- 17.30, Friday 10.30-20.00, Tuesday closed. Tickets: Daily ticket for adults 20 USD, for adults over 65 yrs 16 USD, for students 12 USD, for children under 16yrs FREE.

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam-Netherlands

Recently renovated,the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is the largest and most prestigious museum for art and history in the Netherlands. It has a large collection of paintings from the Dutch Golden Age including works by Vermeer and Rembrandt. Among them you will find the well-known Rembrandt’s “Night Watch”, which is also the museum’s highlight.

Opening times: 9.00 to18.00 Daily, Friday 9.00-20.30. Tickets: 10 EUR, for people under 18 yrs entrance is free of charge.

New Acropolis Museum, Athens-Greece

The Museum’s collections are located on three different levels. Entry to the first level is by a sloping ramp with a glass floor, giving views of the ancient urban settlement below. This level displays finds from the settlement and sanctuaries on the slopes of the Acropolis. The next level contains a large trapezoidal hall which houses the archaic finds. Also, on this level there are artefacts from the other buildings on the Acropolis, apart from the Parthenon itself. These buildings include the Erechtheion, the Temple of Athena Nike and the Propylaea. The third level, called the Parthenon hall, contains the Parthenon sculptures which were not taken to England by Elgin. Visitors to the museum are able to see the Parthenon from the glass gallery.

Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday 08:00 -20:00 (last entrance at 19.30), Friday until 22:00, Monday closed. Tickets: Adults-5 EUR, Students and individuals over 65 yrs-3 EUR.

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