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Holidays in Tenerife: A diver’s dream!

Holidays in Tenerife: A diver’s dream!

Diving in Tenerife

Divers and beginners rejoice! The volcanic island of Tenerife is home to some of the most spectacular beaches and resorts and host to a multitude of seaside activities such as swimming, surfing and sailing. However, if you have planned your next holidays in Tenerife, you will also be well rewarded with some of the most amazing underwater sceneries to be seen in case you decide to dive into its crystal clear waters. From beginners, to intermediate to well versed explorers of the seas, Tenerife has something for all to enjoy as its reefs and sea life are colourful and vibrant to a degree rarely seen anyplace else.  Dive in and enjoy our guide to the best underwater spots to explore during your holidays in Tenerife!

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