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Choosing a travel blogger to follow rarely comes is uncommon practice among travel enthusiasts. Be it that we love poring over their photos of immaculate exotic beaches or freshly prepared local dishes from faraway destinations, travel bloggers provide people with something to dream about and look forward to while grinding away at their job desk. The website design, luscious write up and sheer passion about travelling is something that we all admire and as such it’s not easy to distinguish amongst our favourites. However, purely in terms of putting things in order we have decided to rate our favourite bloggers and put them into a list because let’s face it; who doesn’t love lists!

A Luxury Travel Blog

Best travel bloggers


Facebook fans: 276k

Twitter followers: 603k

This awarded blog is amongst our favourites and how couldn’t it be when it’s constantly updated with some of the most informative posts! Owing contributions to a large number of experienced travel writers, aluxurytravelblog.com is a constant source of inspiration encompassing food, lifestyle and of course travel!



best travel bloggers


Facebook Fans: 105k

Twitter Followers: 239k

Amongst the first social travel blogs to pop up on the internet, this magnificent source of information is the culmination of effort and experience of a whole travel community. Posts range from undiscovered beaches to travel tips and anything in between, always providing a useful hand before we set off towards our next adventure.



best travel bloggers

Facebook Fans: –

Twitter Followers: 2.9k

Engaging write up, useful tips for travelling with family and of course family activities off the beaten path make up for one of the most interesting family travel blogs on our list! From Oslo to Colorado and anywhere in between, the owner and editor Trish Burgess has an experience and tips to share for families considering a break from everyday routine!


Mallory on Travel

best travel bloggers

Facebook Fans: 1.6k

Twitter Followers: 83.7k

Not all holidays are about lazing under the sun and sipping on cocktails and this great adventure blog by ex-Armed-Forces physical trainer Iain Mallory caters for all those craving a thrill. From diving to kayaking, hiking and climbing, malloryontravel.com is full of experiences that will have you leaving your sunbed and jumping on your next big adventure.


I am Ella

best travel bloggers

Facebook Fans: 216k

Twitter Followers: 14k

Travel, fashion, lifestyle. Those terms often tend to intertwine and keeping in mind Ella’s travel blog this couldn’t be more true. A tasteful and eclectic blog combining some of our favourite things certainly couldn’t be left unnoticed and the personal touch and writing style as well as passion for travelling are evident in every post! Overall, a must-have on our list.



Alastair Humphreys

best travel bloggers

Facebook Fans: 51k

Twitter Followers: 33.2k

Characterised as ‘slightly bonkers’ by Geographical Magazine and nine published books under his belt, the adventurer Alastair Humphreys represents a lifestyle the explorers amongst us would love to have. From hiking in the Antarctic to cycling all over Asia, Alastair Humphreys pushes his and his reader’s boundaries by trying on new adventures. What’s best however, is that he manages to capture everything in great quality pictures as photography is his other passion, providing us with a rare glimpse into the natural beauty that we often tend to miss out on by spending our holidays in a touristy all inclusive resort.



Budget Traveller

best travel bloggers

Facebook Fans: 12k

Twitter Followers: 20k

Not all of us are able to embark on a luscious adventure in foreign lands often. However, Kash seems to know the way and the Budget Traveller blog is certainly something to keep an eye out for if you want to indulge without breaking the bank. Awarded and supported by large media outlets such as the Guardian and Times magazine, the Budget Traveller blog strikes a great balance between enjoying the finer pleasures of life in Madrid or dining at the best restaurants in Tokyo and keeping your wallet happy.


Global Grasshopper

best travel bloggers

Facebook Fans: 7.2k

Twitter Followers: 12.8k

Yes of course we know that all inclusive deals and British pubs a la playa are what most people look for, however oftentimes the charm of travelling is more apparent in less travelled locations. As such the UK-based duo and travel snobs Becky and Gray, provide a rare and beautiful insight into some of the world’s most stunning and underrated destinations. You never know what might be lying ahead on the horizon so visit global grasshopper and find out places you never thought about.


Cook Sister

best travel bloggers

Facebook Fans: 2k

Twitter Followers: 9.3k

As the name implies, Cook Sister is a blog concerned with some of the things we love most! Food and travel interchangeably take a first spot in the things we like to indulge in and it seems that Jeanne Horak-Druiff has found the perfect balance between the two! Juggling between a demanding day job and a highly successful travel blog isn’t an easy feat but as it seems, Cook Sister covers both exceptionally with places we’d love to visit and recipes we often try.


Heather on her Travels

best travel bloggers

Facebook Fans: 2k

Twitter Followers: 9.3k

Want some travel inspiration or a place to let your mind wander off to some of the best holiday destinations on a coffee break? Well, Heather On Her Travels is a blog for you! Managing to encapsulate the atmosphere, food and culture of faraway destinations, Heather makes our mind wander to destinations both on and off the Ol’ Blighty with a tasteful spin.


A Lady in London

best travel bloggers

Facebook Fans: 5.6k

Twitter Followers: 18.9k

An expat from across the pond living in London has our eyes and brains feasting on her magnificent travel adventures. Consecutively awarded by some of the biggest publications and media on travelling, the Lady certainly deserves our mention. Her illustrious writing and tasteful photography carry us through the 101-plus countries she has already visited and we definitely can say that we look forward to what her future posts might bring.



Vicky Flip Flop Travels

best travel bloggers

Facebook Fans: 3k

Twitter Followers: 17.1k

Pack your suitcase, sun cream and flipflops of course and follow Vicky through her magnificent travels around the world. As she likes to put it she got itchy feet due to her friends and she hasn’t stopped travelling ever since. What’s greater however is that despite holding a full time job, she manages to make the most out of her leave and long weekends by leaving rainy England behind. Definitely an inspiration for all of us who want to unwind by reading and visiting some of the best long and short haul destinations around the world.



Wild and Grizzly

best travel bloggers

Facebook Fans: 2k

Twitter Followers: 4k

What would the world be without cool moms? Lori manages to combine the sweet treats of interior design, style and of course travel with a rarely seen flair, while travelling with her son around the world. From daily life and travel tips to extensive coverage of some of the best hotels and holidays abroad, Wild and Grizzly manages to merge family life with some of the best vacations we could ask for.



Bald Hiker

best travel bloggers

Facebook Fans: 3.7k

Twitter Followers: 18.9k

Paul Steele or the Bald Hiker definitely makes us want to dust off our hiking boots and backpacks and head into some of the most picturesque and forgotten trails. Following his passion as a travel writer and photographer, the Bald Hiker has managed to capture our interest through his blog posts concerning some of the best places our feet can take us. Technology is our friend in capturing scenes from our travels and the Bald hiker manages to put that too into his blog by providing in depth reviews of some of the best gadgets on the market.



Two Monkeys Travel Group

best travel bloggers

Facebook Fans: 61.5k

Twitter Followers: 74.7k

Starting from the passion of a couple travelling around the world, the Two Monkeys Travel Group is now an established travel blog, with over 20 writers working tirelessly to provide us with some of the most useful travel tips along with stunning pictures. Hitting the absolute balance between luxury and adventure, the Two Monkeys Travel Group blog takes us through adventures such as riding a motorcycle or hiking to the top of exotic mountains before dipping us in a soothing spa of a five-star hotel. Definitely worthy of your time more than scrolling down on Facebook.



London Unattached

best travel bloggers

Facebook Fans: 3.7k

Twitter Followers: 8k

Brought to existence by professional marketer and writer Fiona Maclean based in London, this travel blog is a tasteful gateway to some of the best treats and travels we could ask for. With her natural flair in writing as well as exquisite taste, Fiona Maclean succeeds in presenting some of the best getaways around the world along with the best kept lifestyle and food secrets in London.



Luxury Columnist

best travel bloggers

Facebook Fans: 2.1k

Twitter Followers: 20.5k

If you are among the people who think that life’s too short to be spent in a hostel, then you definitely are in for a treat! Suze, or the Luxury Columnist is the right person to follow if you are about finding the hottest restaurants and hotels in town as well as abroad.  Read on and visit the London Fashion week and luscious exotic destinations with the experience and keen eye of the Luxury Columnist and find out all you need to know about the most exquisite places and events you ought to grace your life with.


Global Mouse Travels

best travel bloggers

Facebook Fans: 1.5k

Twitter Followers: 20.5k

Who said that a family of five can’t have fun! Global Mouse Travels blog is amongst the prime places to visit online if you want to spice up your family holidays by going a bit off the beaten path. We all agree that waterparks and crazy golf might be great but how about going on a dog sled ride in Lapland or visiting a chocolate factory in Cuba? This blog provokes our wanderlust and much much more as every time we read one of the posts we start looking for a family deal to who-knows-where. We are certain that if you delve into it you will too!




best travel bloggers

Facebook Fans: 2.1k

Twitter Followers: 17.4k

There’s always that need dragging us away from everyday life and this is to taste the difference of other places and activities. TravMonkey however has managed in making it a full time job through his well-maintained blog while providing us with an insight into his adventures. Fatbiking in Riga? Yes! Organic coffee houses in London? Yes, please! Get in touch with your inner explorer and read about some of the best things you could do abroad while making use of your time to explore something different, hiding right under your nose in London.



Travel with Kat

best travel bloggers

Facebook Fans: 1.4k

Twitter Followers: 19.7k

Merging great photography with engaging design and charming write up is no easy feat and we have to hand our hat over to Kat for inspiring us with her wonderful blog. From art and architecture to food and anything travel related in between, Kat makes sure to provide us with high quality blog posts accompanied with magnificent photography! Make your senses tingle with a visit and you will be rewarded with a great insight into the multiple wonders of travelling.



Parent Shaped
best travel bloggers

Facebook Fans: 875

Twitter Followers: 9.2k

For those amongst us with children this all-encompassing family and travel blog is a gateway into the daily ins and outs of keeping the ones we love happy while travelling around the world. Drawing inspiration from daily life, ParentShaped is a great blog to read and dream about your next excursion while managing to converge knowledge and tips that will make your life easier and much more enjoyable.


Bon Vivant

best travel bloggers

Facebook Fans: 2k

Twitter Followers: 11k


The Bon Vivant Journal as its name implies is a blog about enjoying the best of life and travel. Find the best bars & clubs, restaurants, spas and hotels in London or abroad and indulge in a life of luxury. Some of the best luxury hotels are represented, so in case that you decide to leave for a luxury holiday to Barbados or New York you know where to look at. Be in the know from the ones that know because finding out about the best in life sometimes isn’t as easy as it sounds.




best travel bloggers

Facebook Fans: –

Twitter Followers: 15.5k

Jennifer Howze shares her expertise in journalism and travel by keeping one of the most informative part travel blogs that we have ever come across. Hosting some of the best city breaks and summer escapades with family, Jennifer Howze manages to take us along for the ride with her engaging written presentation and great photography. From Segway tours in Barcelona to staying at some of the best hotels in Cyprus, Jennogrphy has it all covered regardless of choosing to travel abroad with your significant other or kids.


Are We Nearly There Yet

best travel bloggers

Facebook Fans: 207

Twitter Followers: 91k

Not yet but pretty close as this is amongst the last bloggers of our list and definitely in no sense least. Kara Guppy, a mother of 6, blogs about her family travels and adventures drawing inspiration from her daughter’s favourite quote. From roaming around the UK to Cyprus, USA and other places on earth, AreWeThereYet blog is a source of inspiration about parents who think that children on vacation equal trouble. Read and find out about the family’s adventures, stop thinking about it and book the family holiday you’ve long been eyeing by drawing upon one of the most informative parent blogs we have come across.


Gary Bembridge’s Tips For Travelers

best travel bloggers

Facebook Fans: 6.1k

Twitter Followers: 3.9k

Once a Global Marketing Vice President for multinational corporations, Gary Bembridge has devoted the last 25 years of his life to travelling at least once a month. With a large following on YouTube, audio podcast outlets and of course his personal blog, Gary keeps on with the promise to himself by travelling, blogging and vlogging about some of the best destinations around the surface of the earth. Travelling experience level cannot get any more than this so in case you plan on visiting your next destination abroad, check out the TipsForTravellers website and learn some of the best insider tips available online.

How about your favourite travel bloggers? Let us know in the comments and help us expand our list!


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