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Purple Travel puts Greece back on the Map!

Purple Travel puts Greece back on the Map!

Tourism in Greece has been on the rise and Purple Travel is working on increasing tourism to the beautiful Greek Islands even further. We believe in supporting the local economy where so many tourists have found everything from lazy beachside holidays, to lively nights out, to ancient wonders. In order to help support the cause, we sent out a video crew this past August to invade the best islands for tourism and get the British perspective on where to go and what to do when you’re there.

Greece is a beautiful country, full of astonishing beaches, quality hotels, amazing food and friendly people. The economic downturn put a damper on tourism in Greece at the start of the summer. The situation turned around quickly when Greece and Purple Travel came to the rescue of those who had lost their holidays to Turkey due to the collapse of Goldtrail and Kiss Flights (two tour operators who specialized in cheap flights to popular Turkish destinations).

Greece comes as the natural alternative to holidays in Turkey because of its similar climate, location, and beaches. However, Greece has a much better reputation when it comes to quality hotels – and the options are almost endless. In the past, Greece has always been a pricier destination for that reason. This year, though, because of the abundance of flights and lowering hotel prices to attract more tourism, Greece has started to rise from the ashes. Purple Travel wants to sustain the trend of increasing tourism in Greece so that you – the traveler – can take advantage of what this beautiful country has to offer. Purple Travel is making it easy for you to choose Greece as your next summer holiday destination, and by doing so, help to contribute to the economic recovery of the country.

Purple Travel is an avid supporter of Greek Tourism – so much so that we make sure all our travel advisors have more intimate knowledge of Greece than any other travel agent in the UK. If you’re shopping for a holiday to Greece – or just looking for some advice on the destination – visit Purple Travel. If your sights are set on a winter-sun destination, we have everything you need for that too!

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