Chocolate holidays: Would you go?

Chocolate! We don’t know about you, but we like any way, melted, in bars, egg shaped, hot chocolate, there are chocolate perfumes, chocolate pasta (try it!) and even body creams and moisturisers. We reckon it’s fair to say chocolate is on a lot of people’s minds this weekend in particular with Easter eggs, but, it’s not just now!

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Did you know there are chocolate holidays? Specific destinations all over the world dedicated to this delicious bean? We’ve done a little research and found some great holiday destinations for all you chocolate lovers, or for anyone looking to impress them.

First up, check out the Chocolate Hotel in beautiful St. Lucia, if that doesn’t impress the chocolate lover in your life, nothing will!

Or combine some sunshine with some chocolate covered churros in sunny Spain’s Villajoyosa.  It’s been referred to as ‘chocolate city’ since the 1800s when it began importing cocoa beans from South America.

You might not think of Mexico and chocolate as going hand in hand, but you’d be wrong! Oaxaca is the place to go for chocolate shops, pastries and drinks. It is probably best known for its hot chocolate, where special bars are made of ground cocoa beans, almonds and sugar, before being melted down to make the most luxurious hot chocolatey drink you’ve ever tasted.

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Looking for something a little closer to home? Barcelona’s chocolate history goes back to 1780 when it opened the first ever chocolate making machine. Today it’s got a delicious… I mean beautiful chocolate museum where you see amazing chocolate sculptures before stocking up in the shop!

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