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Start out with an exhilarating, adventure filled and educational underwater tour, by hopping into a submarine and diving over 20 yards under the sea. It’s an unforgettable experience among the colourful, sub aquatic world.

If you prefer staying on dry land, a desert safari is an utterly thrilling ride. Your guide will take you into Bedouin territory, exploring the fascinating lifestyle and (for the romantic at heart) will bring you for a picnic under the stars after the most beautiful sunset.

Sharm el Sheikh

Known as a cradle of vast historical significance, Egypt is home to some of the most fascinating sights you will ever see. One of which is Mount Sinai, where it is believed Moses was presented with the Ten Commandments.Tours to the mountain top are arranged by local guides and start a little after midnight with a beautiful climb, before descending at dawn for an awe inspiring sunrise.

Saint Catherine's Monastery, Sinai, Egypt. Fra...

The adventure doesn’t end there; why not make your way to St. Catherine’s Monastery, which dates back to around 500 AD. At the very foot of Mount Sinai you’ll find the large living shrub, believed to be a descendent of the same burning bush of Moses. This amazing city is an ideal place to shop for memorabilia from your visit.

If diving isn’t for you, there’s a glass bottom boat trip that is perfect for checking out the coral shelves at the front entrance to Naama Bay. There you’ll be bowled over by the vibrant colours and the sparkling fish.

Of course, what’s the use of going on holiday if you are not going to get into the spirit of haggling over souvenirs? It’s certainly expected and is all part of the fun. The Bedouin village of Dahab offers an amazing selection of souvenirs such as papyrus prints, jewellery and local handmade garments, shoes and leather products. One of the best bits is that prices in Dahab are cheaper, so you can stock up and surprise everyone at home!

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