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Top Canaries Beaches: Best Beaches Fuerteventura
Travel tips: Get settled in!

Top Canaries Beaches: Best Beaches Fuerteventura

Beaches! You love them, we love them, who doesn’t love a day by the seaside? It’s particularly nice when the weather is actually decent enough to take off our coats and scarves. With that in mind we’ve done a four part series on the beaches on the glorious Canary Islands, so you can plan your perfect sun, sea and sand holiday.

The last part of our 4-part series on the best beaches of the Canary Islands brings you to beautiful Fuerteventura, home to hundreds of the most stunning beaches in all the Canaries.

Because there are so many amazing beaches here, choosing only a few is a very difficult task. Since we absolutely must narrow it down and you have another must-see spot not listed, please let our readers know about it! Enjoy our guide to the best beaches Fuerteventura.

Jable from Purple Travel

Jable Beach via @ Lostajy

Morro Jable / Jandia

This is a stunning white sand beach with turquoise water that stretches for miles – or 13 miles to be exact. Running from Morro Jamble to Costa Calma, this beach is separated into sections with something for everyone along its coast. However, the length of the beach takes about 6 hours to walk, so you may want to choose a spot that’s right for you from the start. Because you can easily spread out and get away from the crowds, naturists enjoy this spot as well!

Costa Calma

The blue-flag beach of Costa Calma is a large, fine sandy beach, approximately half a mile long. If you’re looking for beachfront hotels, the hotels and apartments along the beach in Costa Calma have direct access and are not separated by a promenade or road. This beach is an ideal place for families with children, as the waters are usually very calm. All along the beach you will find sun beds for hire, a beach bar, water sports and other facilities to make your stay comfortable.

Corralejo Town & Beach

Corralejo beach is just south of the town and is an incredible fine white-sand beach stretching for six whole miles. This beach is part of the National Park and offers fantastic views of nearby Lanzarote and Los Lobos. It can get a bit windy, so it’s best to shelter behind the stone castles. The beach here has some waves as well, so it’s perfect for water sports, especially kite surfing. Families will love the stretches of gorgeous sand and activities available, particularly in the parts of the beach which are slightly less wavy.

Corralejo has several small coves right in the main town as well, which are very accessible and home to beautiful fine sand. Many facilities are also available depending on which beach you choose. The great location, close to the town ensures you never run out of shopping and restaurant options when taking a break from the sun and sea.

Costa Caleta / Caleta De Fuste

The beach in Costa Caleta is man-made and well maintained. The beach is fine sand with some pebbles leading into the water. Mostly for tourists, it has all the facilities needed for an excellent family day on the beach, especially since there are hardly any waves in the water. The beach itself is about 600 meters long and very wide, offering some room for movement even on busy days.

Cotillo from Purple TravelEl Cotillo via @ Dirkvorderstrasse

El Cotillo

The beach comprised of many small coves separated by lava rocks. It is very new to tourism and usually is quiet compared to the other beaches on the island, making it an ideal spot for tranquility and relaxation. Families generally love it here because of the calm, shallow water and fine sand. There is a beach bar along the coast but no other facilities – bring your towel and a book!


More a tourist attraction than a beach for bathing, this beach offers a stunning contrast of pitch-black pebbly sand and blue water. Not suitable for bathing or children due to the high waves against the rocks, this beach is nevertheless very beautiful. A short stroll will take you to a cliff with a stunning view to the beach. A little restaurant in the area gives the perfect relaxation point for your day trip.

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Travel tips: Get settled in!

Circular tea bags

Circular tea bags (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who doesn’t feel a little out of it on arrival in a new place? Whether it’s for a long stay, a big move or a few weeks soaking up the sunshine, it can be hard to get a handle on it. So this is my own little list to help you feel at home and get the absolute most out of your holiday! Don’t forget to add your own at the end, I’m always on the lookout!

  1. Teabags: The first thing I want when I arrive is a cup of tea. I know that may sound silly, but I want to really enjoy my holiday and it’s a good way to relax and feel at home! So usually I throw a few in my bag, or hand luggage, maybe a couple of sugars too. Usually hotels and apartments have a kettle somewhere, so you can have a relaxing cuppa straight away.
  2. Explore: Finding the pool, the bar, the breakfast room are a must. Knowing the quickest route to the beach too is one of my favourite things, it helps save precious minutes of sun soaking opportunities. After unpacking (see below!) you can find the time to go a little further afield and figure out where the nearest bars and restaurants are. That way, even if it’s your first night, you’ll still be able to figure out how to get home!
  3. Make friends: Whether it’s the locals or other holidaymakers, why not get chatting to your neighbour, on the beach or beside your apartment. I think there’s nothing better than being able to share the highs of your holiday with someone else and who knows, lifelong friends have been made in stranger places!
  4. Find the market: There are usually shops near to apartment complexes, hotels or self catering, and supplies will be needed sooner or later. Whether you’re planning on eating out every night, or cooking at home, you’ll need to know where to buy the bare essentials like milk, bread and butter!
  5. Unpack: It is a pain in the behind, but you’ll feel so much better knowing you won’t have to live out of a suitcase for half the day. Hang up any clothes that might be a bit creased, use the drawers and space on offer and you’ll be able to find everything as you need it. No need to waste a minute of your holiday!


Those are just a few tips I use, let me know yours in the comments below!


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