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Still struggling with ideas for a family getaway this summer, or even for next? Surely every child’s (and we’re sure some grownup’s) dream holiday is to a theme park. Whether it’s Mickey or Minnie Mouse, a space adventure, more water slides than you can shake a stick at, or becoming a giant for a day, we’ve put together our top choices for this year. As always, if we’ve missed some great theme parks for kids, let us know in the comments below and for more information or to book great family holidays, visit our Purple Travel cheap holidays website.

#1 Were you a fan of Asterix and Obelix when you were a nipper?  Now you can introduce the kids to the same fun, at France’s Parc Asterix. Found just outside Paris, you can travel through six worlds of wonder, including ancient Greece and Egypt. The piece de resistance must be the Ozlris; an inverted rollercoaster that will leave your little ones shouting for more!

Parc Asterix from Purple Travel

Image via @ Milst1

#2 Portaventura is probably one of the best known parks in Europe. In Spain’s sun-drenched Costa Dorada it is part theme park, part Water Park, all fun. It really has something for everyone. It is said to be the first ever theme park in Spain but what we really love is Shambhala – Europe’s highest and fastest rollercoaster.

Portaventura from Purple Travel

Poraventura by @ Joao Maximo

#3 Italy’s Gardaland is a feast for the senses! It just introduced Ice Age the 4-D Experience this year, inspired by the adventures of acorn loving Scrat and his buddies. For any budding marine biologists, it’s got the colourful SEA LIFE Aquarium too, as well as plenty of the usual attractions like face painting and arts and crafts.

Gardaland from Purple Travel

Gardaland by @ Spencer 77 

#4 Busch Gardens in Pennsylvania in the US  is home to the Mach Tower – 240 feet of freefall. You get to the top for the most magnificent views, before plunging to the bottom in a rush of wind. Good luck not screaming on it!

Busch Gardens from Purple Travel

Busch Gardens by @ Wikicommons

#5 Who doesn’t love Lego? Denmark’s Legoland Billund Resort is well worth the trip. Your little ones will love stomping through Miniland: a whole world built from heaps of Lego bricks and there’s plenty more to impress all ages like pirate adventures and pint-sized driving schools on offer. It’s even got the Lalandia Aquadome and Givskud Zoo just a 25 minute drive away.

Legoland from Purple Travel

Legoland by @ MPD01605 

 #6 Perfect if you’re on a beach getaway in beautiful Tenerife, Siam Park makes for a great day out for all the family. Only opened in 2008, it offers visitors the chance to experience the ancient world Thailand and caters specially for occasions. If there’s a birthday while you’re away, there’s no better place to go!

Siam Park from Purple Travel

Siam Park by @ Wikicommons 

#7 You’ll feel like you’re travelling through time at Futuroscope  in France. It is a sprawling park where you can interact with imaginary animals or watch a 3D version of the Apollo 11 mission. Surely you’ll agree, it’s a great place for budding astronauts?

Futuroscope from Purple Travel

Futuroscope by @ Wikicommons 

#8 In the US, Seaworld is a legendary choice for all the family. You can try the spills and thrills of the rollercoasters, or head into safari country as well as getting close to penguins, dolphins or killer whales.

Seaworld from Purple Travel

Seaworld by @ Britt Reints 

#9 Staying in the US, we LOVE Universal Studios. It’s kind of like a big, living, breathing version of your favourite movies. You can take studio tours, hope on Transformers: The Ride-3D or go on a Shrek and Donkey led adventure on Shrek 4D, or take a tour through the world of the Simpsons by rollercoaster.

Universal Studios from Purple Travel

Universal Studios by @ Alexis Fam Photography

#10 The Beach Park in Brazil takes the final spot on our list, purely because it is home to the biggest, scariest, tallest water slide in the world. The aptly-named Insano stands as tall as a 14-storey building, riders can reach up to 65 miles per hour and it’s all over in a flash, but so, so worth it.

Insano from Purple Travel

Insano by @ Cadu Tavares

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