Purple 10: Prague Tourism

From ancient bohemian capital, to a buzzing modern city, Prague tourism (or Praha to the locals) has seen lots of changes over the years. In fact the whole centre of the city was named as a UNESCO World Heritage site so you know there’s lots to see and do.

Here’s our Purple 10 of the must see things to do and see around Prague.

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1. Prague Castle: the pièce de résistance of Prague’s shining cultural gems must be a visit to the imposing structure that overlooks the city. Over the years the castle been the seat of Kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman Emperors, Presidents and even the Czech Crown Jewels. Most likely founded in around 880 AD, the huge palace is a mish-mash of architectural styles, having undergone plenty of renovations over time. It’s a true treasure trove of splendid grandeur, stunning views, historic displays and a great place to snap a picture.
2. Charles Bridge: If the castle is the most famous attraction in Prague, then the Charles Bridge comes a close second. Pretty much all day (and all night) you’ll see streams of tourists visiting the bridge, to soak up the atmosphere and views. It’s filled with people, street artists, jazz bands and food stalls, but you’ll still find a spot to simply stop and take in the magnificent Prague skyline.
3. Bone Church, Selec Ossuary: Not for the faint hearted, The Church of Bones was built in the 1500s from the bones of between 40,000 and 70,000 people. Most of them have been arranged artistically to decorate the chapel, including a large chandelier using at least one of every bone from the human body.
4. The Dancing House: It’s a wibbly wobbly wonder! Also known as Ginger and Fred, the Nationale-Nederlanden building designed by Frank Gehry in downtown Prague was built to look like it’s about to start dancing, has to be seen to be believed.
5. Have a beer: You cannot go to Prague without having a couple of beers and enjoying the Czech hospitality. Their beers are a source of national pride and once you get there you’ll realize why. In lots of the quiet side streets you’ll find speciality bars that brew their own, we like U Černého vola (the Black Bull) and U Vejvodů, a vast beer hall, which is perfect for groups. Besides drinking it, the country has made it a national pastime with festivals, beer hotels, beer gardens and certainly our favourite; the beer bath.
6. Museum it up: There seems to be two kinds of museums in Prague: the all ages variety like the Miniatures museum and Dvorak museum, which are open to all the family. However there’s definitely another side to the cultural institutions that people visit in Prague, take note of the Torture museum and Sex Machines museum
7. Chase some ghosts: Prague is a mysterious city filled with the occult. A ghost tour is a great way to discover what lurks among the narrow streets and what ghostly presence can be found behind hidden corners. Apparently thousands of souls wander the streets of the Old Town at night, so be prepared for a scare before bedtime.
8. Giant babies and peeing statues: What better way to round off a trip to Prague than by seeing giant baby sculptures crawling up the tower of the local tv station or seeing a replica of the country’s most famous author, Franz Kafka peeing in the middle of a courtyard. Yep, you read that right. Local artist David Cerny has been half hailed and heckled for his creations that dot the city, but one thing you can’t deny is that they’re certainly eye catching.
9. Czech your shoes: If you’ve been running for years, or are a new convert to the sport, then the Prague Marathon is a good place to start. There are actually a number of race opportunities with plenty of half marathons, 10ks and others throughout the year. Bring your trainers and get ready to race.
10. Hall of mirrors: Head for the funicular up Petrin Hill to see a whole clutch of quirky sites. There’s a beautiful landscaped garden, a mini version of the Eiffel tour, a mirror maze and even a relocated Church of St. Michael, moved from a village in the Ukraine to enlighten people.

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