Release the Ducks!

There’s nothing we like better than a bit of randomness on our holidays and we think it’s safe to say, it probably doesn’t get any weirder than the Fiesta of the Ducks.

In beautiful Can Picafort, on Majorca’s Northern Coast, you’ll find one of the oldest festivals where every year, fishing boats release hundreds of rubber duckies into the sea, for locals to find and catch. The first one back to shore is the winner. The festival which happens around August 15th is a huge draw, with over 3,000 people going to watch and take part every year.

The strange thing (if a festival of rubber ducks isn’t strange enough!) is that it’s actually illegal. The local council has banned the fiesta, but according to reports, the town hall just goes ahead with it anyway and pays the fine afterwards. Even weirder is that it used to happen with real, life ducks. We’re not really sure that the ducks were too happy getting caught and brought to shore, now the family friendly event uses rubber ducks to make sure no animals are harmed.

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