PurplePassport: Ryanair CEO calls passengers ‘idiots’

Ants in your pants? No, but in your luggage!

An air passenger tried (and failed) to get a wriggly one passed security in Switzerland when he was caught with 33 pounds of caterpillars in his luggage, which he then tried to eat!

The man was stopped at EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Frieberg when staff became suspicious. They found a hidden compartment in the man’s suitcase filled with creepy crawlies, which he then start to eat in an effort to show harmless they were.

According to the Telegraph, a border guard said the passenger was full of excuses: “He tried to tell us that it was a special type of root, but some of them were still moving. Then he claimed that, as they were for personal use, he should still be allowed to bring them into the country because they were a snack, and he was addicted to them.”

A different spokesperson added: “The smell from the caterpillars that were mostly dead was pretty unbearable but it didn’t seem to bother the man – and when he was told they would be kept and destroyed he grabbed as many as he could and started munching them. He said they were a delicacy and should not be wasted.”

Ryanair boss calls passengers ‘stupid’

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary might find himself in hot water after branding passengers ‘idiots’ and ‘stupid’ for not printing boarding cards before arriving at the airport.

The famously outspoken CEO was speaking after mother of two Suzy McLeod complained when she was charged £236 in fees because she had no boarding cards. She said she had spent two weeks in rural Spain with no internet access. The low cost airline’s policy says passengers must print off their boarding cards and can do so up to two weeks in advance.

O’Leary added that anyone who didn’t stick to the rule could “bu**er off” and “we think Mrs McLeod should pay 60 euros for being so stupid.”

This isn’t the first time Ryanair’s been in the news, last year Lily Allen took on the airline over their boarding cards policy, while it drew criticism for plans to charge passengers to use the bathroom during flights.

The cutest way to travel

Twin babies who were taking their first flight recently managed to make friends with all their fellow passengers with a little gift as they boarded.

Jasper and Arrow’s parents Christina and Michael were worried about disrupting their fellow passengers with their 14-week-old twins that they handed out goodie bags and earplugs as an apology.

A Redditor uploaded the picture which has since gone viral. We think it’s a really considerate idea for your fellow travellers.

The gate scrum is over

The race for the gates is all over… well at least for some travellers. easyJet has announced plans to introduce allocated seating right across its network. They say it will remove the stress of the current process and make for a better flying experience.

Since April, the low cost carrier’s been trialling allocated seating on 6,000 flights. The airline’s research shows 70% of passengers think allocated seating is better and improves the boarding experience while 60% say they are more likely to use the company in the future as a result.

The airline also revealed some interesting facts from the research:

  • 6A was the best seller on short flights, while it was 1A for longer flights.
  • 16B was the least popular on shorter flights, while it was 19B for the longer ones.
  • Passengers prefer sitting on the left side of the plane, A, B and C outsell D, E and F.

The new allocated seating system will kick in from November.

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