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A Night Less Ordinary: Roar and Snore
PurplePassport: kids kicked out of quiet zones and Ryanair goes back to basics

A Night Less Ordinary: Roar and Snore

In this weekly series, we scour the world in search of the most weird and wonderful hotels. From cave hotels to converted prisons, capsule pods to underwater guestrooms, you can expect only the unexpected. This week, enjoy a Night Less Ordinary Roar and Snore in Sydney, where you sleep in a zoo.

What’s the gimmick? Fancy waking up next to a lion? At Roar and Snore in Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, guests can do just that. Find yourself sleeping in one of the architecturally designed tents, with views of the Sydney harbour to one side and lions, snow leopards and meerkats on the other.

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Why stay?  For animal enthusiasts, it doesn’t get much better than waking up to the roar of a lion or an elephant trumpeting as you prepare to experience the Zoo before the crowds. Feed a giraffe or pat a seal as you go behind the scenes to learn the secrets of this famous and fascinating Zoo.  And if that wasn’t enough, experience sunrise at one of the world’s most famous views from one of the best possible positions to see it.

The Wow Factor: Your incredible overnight Zoo experience begins with refreshments on arrival, followed by an opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the Zoo’s most friendly creatures. After a buffet dinner you hike through the zoo on a night zoo safari led by a zoo educator, where you can see the animals relax after their daylight duties. Then settle in for the night in a cosy, fully-furnished tent.

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Price includes guided night Zoo Safari, tent accommodation, dinner, refreshments, breakfast, two back of house tours and admission to the zoo the following day. Prices start from $436.50AUD for one adult and one child.  Click here for details.

PurplePassport: kids kicked out of quiet zones and Ryanair goes back to basics

Middle of the World not quite in the middle of the world

The Middle of the World theme park has been shockingly exposed as not being in the middle of the world after all. A report by the New York Times revealed the Ecuadorian govenmernt owned park which features a yellow line claiming to be 0 degrees latitude is actually a few hundred feet away from the actual middle of the world. Drawing up to 500,000 tourists per year, the park says it will now rectify the mistake. Not only that, but it plans to throw in the building of the world’s tallest man made structure to make up for the error.

Quiet zone kicks kids out

A Malaysian low cost airline has decided to kick children to the back of its planes in a bid to let passengers avoid screaming babies or small children. AirAsia X is introducing a ‘quiet zone’ which incorporates the first seven rows of seats on its Airbus A330 and even features soft lighting to really help you relax.  The new booking system means passengers can reserve a seat in the designated area at no extra cost and any group with travellers younger than 12 years old will not be able to book them.

Wi-Fi on the go

If you simply can’t go without Wi-Fi when you travel, check out Mashable, which has some handy tips for 1) booking flights with Wi-Fi on board and 2) if you’ve already booked, where to find out if you can get online on your flight. It’s a great way to catch up on work emails, or simply check in to show off to your friends that you’re on holidays!

Low Cost Back To Basics

Ryanair has decided to go back to basics, by opening its first shop. The low cost airline has opened a unit in Manchester, which will operate for four weeks. Bosses say if a customer finds a cheaper flight to or from the city; it will pay double the difference back to the customer. If you fancy seeing it for yourself, head to Unit C, 111, Piccadilly.

Check in, without checking in.

British Airways says it’s running a trial version of a new check in system that will revolutionise checking in. For anyone who is signed up for the trial course, passengers will be automatically (automagially!) checked in without even lifting a finger, or clicking a mouse. Twenty-four hours ahead of flying passengers will be checked in and will receive their boarding card electronically. If the trial run is successful, it could be rolled out to all customers by the end of next year.

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