Freestyle or Fu Manchu… Moustaches on a plane.

The Handlebar, the Freestyle, the Fu Manchu, who knew there were so many types of moustaches? Well if you’re taking part in the Movember, you probably did. And we’re betting British Airways did too, since they managed to fix up an Airbus A319 with a temporary ‘tache to celebrate November’s moustache dedication.

Unveiled by BA cabin crew Kyle Patchett, who was already sporting some fine facial fluff, the aircraft’s makeover is just in time to celebrate what is rapidly becoming a November tradition.

The airline is hoping to raise around £80,000 for Prostate Cancer Charity this month.

Liz Wilkinson, British Airways head of health services, said: “We’re always delighted to support Movember, it’s a charity that is very dear to our hearts here at British Airways, especially as our former CEO Lord Marshall suffered from the disease.

There’s still plenty of time to find some info about Movember on the official site here.

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