The chewing gum wall: World’s weirdest tourist attraction?

Chewing gum is a bit yuck, right? WRONG! Well at least if you’re in Seattle, USA, where a wall absolutely plastic with the sticky stuff has become an unlikely tourist attraction.

In a place called Post Alley, you’ll find the Seattle Gum Wall. It all started in the 90s, when people who were bored waiting in line for tickets to the theatre starting sticking their used gum to the wall. When it started, they stuck coins on top of the gum, but that part of the ‘tradition’ died away, simply leaving the mangled plastic stuff behind.

Then the idea got even weirder. After theatre bosses organised for the wall to be scraped clean (twice) and the gum kept reappearing it became something of a city tourist attraction. In fact in 1999 local market bosses officially named it as something to see in Seattle.

Now you can find names written with gum, love hearts and even peace signs. It’s featured in a movie (Love Happens with Jennifer Aniston, if you’re really desperate to know) and has topped TripAdvisor’s Worlds Germiest Attraction list. Ireland’s Blarney Stone is its closest competition.


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