Deciding to Live Down Under: Part Seven : October

We had a great weekend at the start of October when friends Jan and Roger  took us up to Brisbane to explore.  Apparently it is described as a large country town – I guess nearly the size of Liverpool, not too big, not too small. In the morning we had a tour around the residential part and looked at the beautiful designs of the old wooden houses. Then we headed off up to a lookout for a coffee and cake and before starting at the university and had a little look in case Jack decides he would like to do university studies out here to get a feel of what it looks like. The outdoor Brisbane Univeristy pool did it for me, although Jack said that I wouldn’t be allowed if that was where he decides to go!

We went on the city cat (like a bus service) up and down the river. We went over to Southside, which has lovely restaurants and markets as well as a big lagoon and man-made on the river banks. Again, as everywhere I have been in Australia, it was all very clean and a sense of pride around the place.Then we went back over to the city and had a good walk round the shops before heading back down to where Roger was picking us up off the ferry. We went to a beautiful Thai Restaurant and headed back home.

At the end of October we headed down to Alstonville Show. We had been waiting to see a proper rodeo for some time as Jack was ill when the last one was on, so we were lucky it was on again before the end of the exchange. It was only a small country show but it was a nice afternoon. Lots of cowboys and bull riding among other country stalls.

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