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The Tactual Museum
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The Tactual Museum

The museum where it’s forbidden NOT to touch

Now this is something really different. Usually in museums or galleries you’ll find attendants who’ll stop you getting too close to the likes of the Mona Lisa or Michelangelo’s David. One museum in Athens, Greece is turning that idea on its head, by offering statues that you’re actively encouraged to touch.


The Tactual Museum is trying to put people in touch with Greece’s ancient history, literally. Developed to give people with sight problems another way of discovering ancient artefacts, it’s packed with replicas of all kinds, from statues to busts, frescoes to religious items. You are encouraged to feel your way around from the moment you get in there so you can become familiarised with the cultural heritage of Greece in a new way.

On entering the museum, sighted visitors are invited to wear a blindfold, to ‘see’ every exhibit with their hands only. Visitors are meant to feel the beauty of their surroundings and experience history through other senses.

This unique museum was chosen in 1988 among 70 other european museums to receive the “Museum of the year” Award and in 2004, it also won an award from the Greek Union of Friends of Museums for the realization of its accessibility program.

It is one of only 4-5 museums of this kind in the world.


The museum is open for school tours and educational visits as well as the general public, daily from 09.00 to 14.00. You’ll find the Tactual Musuem at Doiranis 198, Kallithea, 176 73.

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