The world’s highest suspension bridge in the Swiss Alps

The world’s highest (and scariest) suspension bridge has opened above a glacier in the Swiss Alps. This pedestrian walkway is suspended 1,500ft high, around 10,000ft above sea level. The bridge was built to mark the 100th anniversary of the opening of a cableway that joined the towns of Engelberg and Gerschnialp in January 1913.

The construction, named the Titlis Cliff Walk, has just been completed after five months of intense building development by engineers. Costing a whopping £1 million to make, the bridge is 330ft long, but just 3ft wide, emphasising its extreme, vertigo-inducing height.


What’s more, on the grand opening of the suspension bridge, a mammoth snow storm meant that visitors could not see the drop below the bridge, reducing it to a mere few feet. Such weather conditions proved a challenge for the engineers, whose working hours depended upon the dangers of their surroundings. And with snow storms common place, visibility can be reduced to almost zero on the bridge, adding to the terrifying effect. “Everyone was very impressed by the bridge,” said Peter Reinle from Titlis Cable Cars, “It opened in a real snow storm which made it an adventure for everyone who crossed it.”


Do you dare to cross it?


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