A Night Less Ordinary: Hotel made of salt

We go around the world to find the most beautiful, weird and wonderful hotels. From caves to converted prisons, expect the unexpected. This week, Palacio de Sal in Bolivia otherwise known as a hotel made of salt!


What’s the gimmick? We’re all for using locally-sourced materials, but the builders of Palacio de Sal, located in the salt plains near the port of Colchani, Bolivia, really ran with the idea. The entire hotel is built out of salt, from the walls to the floors, the tables to the beds. Sorry guys though, licking the walls is strictly prohibited.

Why stay?  As the name suggests, this hotel is much like a palace. Stay here to discover a quirky retreat, with a swimming pool, dining room and even nine-hole golf course made from completely sodium chloride. Guests can enjoy  an exquisite meal, prepared on the basis of salt, whether its lamb meat from the region, or salted chicken. The bedrooms are also another draw  because they resemble igloos built with salt blocks, making for an unforgettable stay.

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The WOW Factor? The hotel is not just attractive due to its salty infrastructure, Palacio de Sal is also luxury hotel and golf course features with a dry sauna, steam room, whirlpool and, unsurprisingly, its own saltwater baths.

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Palacio de Sal sleeps up to 48 people across 16 twin rooms and eight double rooms. Prices starting at £85 a night. Please see their website for more details.


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