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Foodie Corner: What to eat in Gambia
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Foodie Corner: What to eat in Gambia

Known as the smiling coast, Gambia has a lot to make people happy. Maybe it’s the near perfect weather, how about the endless stretches of golden sandy beaches, or the way the local people go out of their way to make your stay better.

But for many, it’s simply a matter of food. With a rich selection of ingredients and traditional cooking, Gambian cuisine is about as mouth watering as it gets. Here’s the Purple Travel guide for what to eat in Gambia.

foodImage via @ Xavi Talleda

Chicken Yassa

A ‘must-eat’ this is made with chicken or (a little confusingly) fish and rice. It’s packed with fresh lemons or limes, onions and black pepper that give a real hit of flavour.


As the name suggests you can’t miss this one! It’s made from a mix of okra, or meat, with palm oil and peppers all boiled together to really get the flavours out.


A typical Mandinka dish, Domoda is made from puréed peanuts and can be made with meat or fish. Usually served with rice and beautiful fresh vegetables.

Oyster Stew

An unmissable treat, the fresh oysters are mainly collected locally and are super fresh and delicious. It can be found in any of the local restaurants or beach bars, where dishes tend to be prepared with only the freshest and organic ingredients. And the best bit, usually you get a stunning sea view thrown in.


A tasty dish, made with rice cooked with meat or fish and piled high with tomatoes.

‘Afra’ takeaways

These are local BBQs usually found at the side of the road, where you choose your meat joint, whether it’s chicken or goat, it’s thrown on a very hot grill, with plenty of onions and mustard sauce.

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