A night less ordinary: Sleeping Around

This is not just any old pop up hotel, this is exclusive. Here’s the deal, you take one old shipping container, fill it with a fancy box spring bed (whatever that is!) rain shower, air con, iPod docking, all the mod cons you can think of. You throw it in the middle of a busy shopping street, beside a city capital building, or in the middle of a park and you’ve got Sleeping Around. A new type of hotel experience.

Sleeping Around 1

The owners say: “Sleeping Around is a unique pop-up hotel. The term ‘pop-up’ goes beyond merely ‘making an appearance.’” You want to see and be seen staying in a place like this. The Belgian initiative started life on the roof of an office building, while it’s slated for holidays to the Greek Islands, France, by ski slopes and who knows where else. You can add your own suggestions for where the boxes should go next on their website.

Sleeping Around 4

The ‘hotel’ is made up of four containers added together to form a little village, with its own sauna and lounge room to get your day going. Centrally located, all the modern facilities you’d expect, it costs around €199 for two people per night and is aimed at people who want to stay somewhere just for a night or two and experience a different kind of hotel.

Sleeping Around 7

Sleeping around 5Sleeping Around 2

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