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Guest Post: Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying

Guest Post: Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying

This is a guest post by Debbie Hursey from


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Fear of Flying affects many people from all walks of life and it is estimated that between 20 – 40% of the population struggle to cope with the anxiety that flying causes.

I have suffered with ‘aerophobia’ since I was 7 years old and I will never forget my first flight, I had never experienced anything like it. As the plane took off, I held my head in my hands and sat in the ‘brace’ position for almost all of the journey in sheer terror.

As I got older, my fear intensified. As we approached the airport, I would get into my ‘zone’ of quietly preparing for the flight in which I was quite convinced that I would die. As the aircraft started to move, I became increasingly agitated, tossing my head backwards and forwards and started sweating profusely. I would notice any slight noise or movement, and if the lights flickered in the cabin it would send me into a quiet, internal, rising panic. I was often physically sick and when I got off the plane I was totally exhausted.

I didn’t want to stop travelling, so saw my doctor who prescribed Propranolol (beta blockers) tablets to slow my heart beat. They did take the edge off it slightly, but I hated taking them and felt out of control.

I decided to go online and do some research for an alternative to the prescribed drugs. There was a lot if information about Hypnotherapy and the benefits of how it can help. I read this page on Hypnotherapy Directory and contacted a qualified practitioner close to where I live. I had 4 sessions and was taught how to focus my mind on relaxing and staying calm.

On my first flight after the sessions, although I didn’t feel it had cured me, I was definitely much calmer and didn’t feel the need to take any tablets so felt much more in control; I could even eat a meal!

Last year my boyfriend and I went to South America. We spent 8 amazing weeks travelling around the continent, with a total of 17 flights, sometimes on some of the most dilapidated and ancient aircraft in operation! I am convinced that the hypnotherapy techniques that I learnt worked, and although I still can’t say that I enjoy flying, I can do it now without the fear and anxiety that I used to feel.

So… don’t let your fear hold you back, find a hypnotherpist in your area to help you and enjoy this beautiful world!

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