Off the beaten track: Patagonia, land at the end of the world

When you arrive in Patagonia, you will soon realise that your travelling experiences are over, as you’ve already reached the end of the world.

The South Pole is just a stone’s throw away and the wild landscapes, along with the (sometimes) unnerving isolation of the Patagonian land really will make you feel like you are somewhere completely different. Shared by Argentina and Chile, it is a place like no other, where rivers rage, glaciers drift and the coastline snakes the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.


It is an endless landscape: a mainly flat area of 1,000,000 km² on the very southern edge of the American continent.


Absolute uniqueness: Patagonia is a by-word for one of the last virgin areas on the planet, with utterly stunning scenery that creates a peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

patagonia 3

image by bibliojojo

Absolutely off the beaten track: We don’t like to put it too bluntly, but this really is the place to go to escape form civilisation. It’s one of the most sparsely inhabited places on earth, and home to only 1.9 people/km².


Total freedom: that’s the prevailing feeling when travelling in this remote piece of earth.

patagonia steppes 2

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