The Transformer suitcase that becomes a scooter

Meet the new electric scooter by Hungarian design company Antro Group, that fits up neatly into a suitcase, so you can forget about airport parking or weekender tickets and just get on your way.

Scooter 1

We’re told the scooter packs up in just two minutes, so it’s ideal for travellers on the go, and thanks to clever design features, there are no greasy stains as you pack it away. CEO of the Antro Group Tamas Slezak says it’s a simple, easy and eco-friendly way to get around the biggest cities in the world.

Scooter 4

The scooter known as the Moveo weighs around 25 kilos and its battery lasts for a whopping 22 miles! However users will really find the benefits in hopping in and out of busy city destinations and of course its swish golden colour. To top it off, bringing it around with you ensures you won’t lose it… unless of course you end up leaving it somewhere! The £2,000 model is set to be on sale from the end of the year.

Scooter 3

Images via @ Gizmag

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