A night less ordinary: Sleep in a Silver Mine

We go around the world to find the most beautiful, weird and wonderful hotels. From caves to igloo styled hotels, expect the unexpected. This week, Sala Silvermine Underground suite in Sala Västmanland, Sweden.


What’s the gimmick? If you fancy spending a night with your other half, 500ft underground in a room dug out of a cave, then this room in a silvermine is just the ticket. This little bit of luxury is so hidden away, you can only access it via a mineshaft lift.


Travel all the way to the small town of Sala Västmanland in Sweden, and spend a night in the world’s deepest bedroom. The Silvermine of Sala is one of the world’s best preserved mine settings and your stay here begins with a guided tour. Although there are plenty of luxurious touches, it’s 14 storeys down, so if you need a phone, beware!

However it is the perfect balm to the stresses of life, not too many people can reach you down there, unless you choose to; through a personal intercom system. Before leaving for the night, your guide will leave a basket of goodies for you and then you are all alone to feel the peace and quiet of your new world. You’ll see the guide again in the morning when breakfast arrives. There is a toilet near your “room” however the showers are topside.


Why stay?  You can sleep 155 metres underground, where you will see dark winding galleries, vast caverns and magical lakes. It doesn’t matter if you’re familiar with mining or not, the underground setting will amaze you. Oh, and you’re not alone with the idea, weekends are usually booked up all year round.


The WOW Factor? The experienced guides tell you of a fantastic chapter in industrial history. During its heyday, production amounted to more than 3 tons of silver a year, and a total of more than 400 tons of silver and about 40,000 tons of lead were extracted – completely by hand! Most of the silver was used in manufacturing coins, but artefacts were also made.

A stay at this one of a kind single suite amounts to 3750 sek or about £287 per night.

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Images via @ Salas Silver Gruva

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