Off the beaten track: Socotra, a mystical place on Earth

Socotra 1

Socotra tree via @ Wikicommons


Image via @ Places to see in your lifetime

For those of you thinking that alien places only exist in Spielberg’s imagination, the island of Socotra stands as solid evidence of a true outer space land right here on Earth.

Actually, Socotra is an archipelago of four islands close to the Horn of Africa. Thanks to its  geographically isolated location and purely tropical climate, it is no wonder that the fauna and flora of this hidden gem are unique in the world.

Socotra’s unearthly images will certainly amaze even the most experienced globetrotter. Once you get there giant mushroom-shaped Dragon’s blood trees, trees that look like an elephant’s foot, and cucumbers, as well as more unusual species of birds, mammals and fish. It’s all so unusual you’ll have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming.

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Cowrie Shell

Image via @ Gerry and Bonni

Cucumber Tree

Image via @ Gerry and Bonni

Desert Rose

Image via @ Gerry and Bonni

Socotra 2

Socotra beach via @ Wikicommons

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