Purple Tips: 6 Secret Greek Islands

Ok, we know about Greece’s fantastic islands from the variety of Crete to the buzzing atmosphere of Kos, but what about the other smaller islands? We mean the secret Greek Islands, that locals are reluctant to share. Well, we’ve managed to convince some of our Greek friends to tell us which are their favourite hidden Greek Islands and why. And remember, if you know of any secret Greek Island escapes that you don’t mind sharing, let us know in the comments below!

1. Fournoi: An island of unique untouched beauty, Fournoi, between Samos and Ikaria, in the Aegean Sea, is the ideal destination for anyone looking for absolute peace and quiet. There’s not much happening on this island, but that’s all part of the charm. Ditch your phone and switch off on a perfect beach that you can call your own. The only way to get to Fournoi is by ship from Piraeus in Athens, or island hopping from Samos or Ikaria.


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2. Koufonisia islands: These are so small you have to look hard on a map just to find them, but it’s well worth it, Koufonisia Islands will leave your jaw on the floor. The beaches are here are pure golden sand, the waters are crystal clear, the architecture is rich and the sunshine is warm. There’s a reason it’s hard to share Koufonisia!


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3. Gavdos: Freedom, nature, seclusion. We think these are the top three words that describe this small island opposite Crete. In the winter, the island only counts about 50 permanent residents, but in the summer this Greek secret Island fills with holidaymakers looking for a magical atmosphere, perfect beaches and loads of fun. One to watch for 2013!


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4. Ammouliani: One for nature lovers, this island is found in a natural bay across the Athos peninsula in Halkidiki Its warm, turquoise waters offer a seabed with plenty of marine life, so it’s ideal for scuba fans. The island is filled with lush olive trees and there are lots of hiking routes to soak up the island’s natural habitat on foot. This is one of the best secret Greek Islands.


Image via @ Horia Varlan

5. Ereikousa: Amazingly lush greenery, endless beaches, sparkling warm waters and sea caves are the well-kept secrets of this island to the north of Corfu. If your idea of a holiday is a desert island adventure, then look no further than exotic Ereikousa.


Image via @  sidralblog.blogspot.gr

6. Chalki: Some say when you look at Chalki, you are a looking at a genuine piece of art. The island’s neoclassical buildings are a thing of beauty and it’s no wonder they feature on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Days in Chalki are spent diving in crystal clear waters, relaxing on secluded beaches and the eating delicious local food.

ChalkiImage via @ Francesco Sgroi

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