Purple 10: What to pack in your beach bag

Purple 10: What to pack in your beach bag

Get beach ready in no time, with our handy list of the top 10 things to pack in your beach bag. As always, if we’ve forgotten something, head on to our comments section and let us know!

1. A colourful and sturdy beach bag to fit your stuff


Image via @ Tina Lee Studio

2. Your perfect bikini to impress the crowds

bikini from purpletravel.co.uk

3. A light sarong to match your swimsuit


Image via @ Learning Machine

4. A soft summer-themed beach towel


Image via @ Greger Gronroos

5. A pair of comfy (not comedy!) flip flops

Flip flips

Image via @ Woodlouse

6. High SPF sunscreen

sun block

Image via @ Andre Bernardo

7. Sunglasses with dark lenses to protect your precious eyes from the bright sun rays


Image via @ Faded Vision

8. A hat for excellent coverage…and style


Image via @ robyriker

9. A book to keep you just the company you need…whenever you need it!

Reading on the beach

Image via @ Victoriapeckham

10. An iPod to listen to your favourite music while the gentle sea breeze affectionately touches your skin


Image via @ jonnybeanos

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