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The Best Water Slides Ever

The Best Water Slides Ever

1. Insano at Beach Park in Brazil. 14 storeys high. ‘Nuff said. Image via Facebook.


2. Scorpion’s Tail, at Noah’s Ark Water Park, Wisconsin, USA. This one tops 400ft and is ten storeys high. Yikes! Image via @ Noah’s Ark Water Park.

Scorpion's Tail

 3. ‘The Finest and most Fearsome’ Summit Plummit at Disney’s Blizzard Beach®, is a whopping 120 feet tall, and you’ll whoosh right through it at 60 miles per hour. Image via @ GoFlorida.

Summit Plummet

4. The delightfully named Jumeira Sceirah in Wild Wadi in Dubai tops 120 metres and sends riders 80km/h through twists and turns. Image via @

Jumeira Sceirah

4. The Cliffhanger Speed Slide at Schlitterbahn in Texas, USA. A traditional Ride and drop, this is built for speed. Image via @ Schlitterbahn.


5. Leap of Faith at the Atlantis Palm in Dubai, 90 ft high. Image via @ Neekohfi.

Leap of Faith

6. Tower of Power at Siam Park, Costa Adeje Image via @ Siam Park.

Tower of Power

7. This epic mudslide in New Zealand! (Sorry, it was only open for two days for charity.) Image via here.

Mudslide New Zealand


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