Off the beaten track: Rainbow land


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Imagine visiting a land of rainbow. Well now you can forget about imagining and just go for it. Mauritius is home to this weird and wonderful landscape filled with colour and wonder.


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Image via @ wikimedia commons


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Normally, Mauritius brings in mind exotic scenery and turquoise waters. But, in a small region near the village of Chamarel, a rainbow has found its home in the land. Visitors can can admire huge colourful dunes with seven different hues: red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow. Most viewers will be surprised to find that even if you try to mix it all together, you’ll realise that the colours are totally separated.


Image via @ Szakács Feri 

Notably, the dunes don’t suffer from erosion, or from the torrential tropical rains of Mauritius and since the 60s it’s become one of the tourist hot spots on the island. However, you will only get to view the exquisite sands from a platform, as authorities have installed barriers to stop anyone getting too close.


Image via @ Nitish Ramanjooloo 

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