Super-stretchy Turkish Ice-Cream

Ice-cream is the ultimate summer treat, perfect for young and old and anyone with a sweet tooth (and not so sweet.) Impossible to improve I hear you say -well, not quite. We’re here to introduce you to the mysterious ice-cream of Turkey, the dondurma which is ice cold, squidgy, elasticy and stretchy. Sold on nearly every street corner in the resorts throughout Turkey, it’s a magic trick for kids and a feast for the eyes for mum and dad, as the ice cream is on steel poles and doesn’t seem to melt.


Image via @ The Black Azar

Traditionally made with milk, sugar, and masticha, it’s the salep flour that makes it thicken and is behind the mind-boggling stretchiness of the ice cold treat.This great streetside treat is not only delicious, but it doesn’t melt very fast giving the vendors the chance to tease their customers.

turkish ice-cream 1

Image via @ FlickSoul

turkish icecream 2

Image via @ Zlatko Unger

While indulging in a great summer holiday in Turkey in resorts like Marmaris, Gumbet, Icmeler and many more, you will certainly come across street vendors wielding the long metal pole and carving shapes of super stretchy, super fun ice-cream.

Image via @ t.ohashi 

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