8 Things You Should Never Do On Holiday (YIKES!)

Brilliant summer holidays are rolling around again and there are plenty of to-do lists… what to bring to the beach, where to go. But, we wanted a quick reminder of what NOT to DO on your next summer holiday. If we’ve missed any glaringly obvious ones, let us know in the comments below.


1. Don’t fall asleep in the sun wearing your sunglasses to avoid ridiculous tan lines on your face. A little add on to this, don’t get sunstroke on your very first day either!

2. Don’t forget your bug spray, unless you’d like to get a polka-dress look this summer from mozzie bites.

3. Don’t miss out on some local food. Part of the fun of holidays is to let loose and try new things, so don’t forget to try some Spanish paella, Greek moussaka or American hot dogs.

4. Don’t booze ’til you drop. We’re not ruling it out altogether, but you don’t want to come home with a killer hangover.

5. Don’t forget your swimwear! You don’t want to have to splash out on some dodgy bikini from a random tourist shop on arrival.

6.  Don’t carry stuff you do not need. One of the oldest pieces of travel advice: pack light!

7. Don’t pick up any dodgy tropical diseases. That stray dog might look cute, but you should probably resist giving him a rub, unless, you actually want to come home with rabies.

8. Don’t drink the tap water. Depending on where you are heading on holidays, tap water can lead to dodgy tummies and in some cases, pretty serious illnesses. Keep a couple of bottles in your bag, it’s usually a pretty cheap option too.

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