A Night less Ordinary: Exploranter Overland Hotel in Sao Paulo

We go around the world to find the most beautiful, weird and wonderful hotels. From ship-shaped hotels to underground suites, expect the unexpected in our series: A Night Less Ordinary. This week, Exploranter Overland Hotel in Sao Paulo.


What’s the gimmick? Join a tour on this, pretty incredible hotel on wheels. Inspired by the huge overland expedition trucks you see on safari trips, this one is a little bigger. With room for up to 32 people, three fully equipped bathrooms, a lounge, and kitchen it has all you could ask for from hotel, with more – it moves! It’s got huge windows to enjoy the panoramic views, a small observation deck and when the weather’s good (which is probably will be) it’s a pleasure to lunch in the great outdoors.


Why stay? Based in Sao Paulo, the Exploranter is available on routes throughout South America from northern Brazil to Patagonia, Chile. You can book the travelling hotel to suit your own schedule; trips last between three days and three weeks. There are many advantages to travelling by truck: You’ll get to rarely-seen-parts, close to nature, find out more about local cultures and enjoy some of the most beautiful parts of the world.


All images via @  localnomad

The WOW Factor? More than simply a way to get around, this is an experience. A truly different way to see the world, and maybe the start of a brand new kind of tourism all over the world.

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