Guest Post: How To Save Money On Your Next Summer Holiday

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There’s no getting away from it – summer holidays are expensive especially with kids in tow. Even if you get a great deal on your package holiday there is still spending money to think of and the cost of living in another country for a couple of weeks. But there are ways to save money before you go and whilst you are away. All it takes is a little ingenious planning.

1. Get Frugal With Your Flights

If you are travelling abroad, flights can take a huge chunk out of your holiday budget. The good news is that even during the summer holidays and other peak times, it is still possible to get a better deal on your flights. If you have the luxury of travelling during off peak times, you’ll make even bigger savings.

Choosing unpopular times and days for example can net you some good deals. Usually Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday can be the cheaper days to travel. Take a look at your smaller local airport too to see if they fly to your chosen destination. Many smaller airports are adding to their flight destinations and could be a cheaper option especially if you don’t need to pay for parking.

2. Don’t Hesitate In Grabbing Those Deals

If you see a holiday or flight deal that seems too good to be true, grab it! Time limited offers, offers during peak times or cancellations can often save you hundreds on your next summer holiday. It really is a case of “when it’s gone, it’s gone” and you’ll kick yourself if you miss out. Be the smug holidaymaker around the pool next time you go away. It’s such a great feeling knowing you found the deal of the year. Check those travel websites as often as you can and sign up for deal alerts so that you get the inside scoop before anybody else!

3. Consider An Unusual Or Alternative Destination

With the world at your feet you have a wealth of travel destinations available to you. Whilst you may be drawn automatically to the top tourist spots, hotels in these destinations know they can charge you top dollar for their services. Why not consider somewhere a little different for your next holiday? For example, Croatia has beautiful beaches and wonderful cities to explore whilst the Canary Islands offer sunshine practically all year round making for a great off peak destination.

4. How To Make Your Money Go Further Abroad

Another huge consideration when booking a summer holiday is travel money. Don’t wait until you get to the airport to change up your money. Shop online to find the best exchange rates and use an FCA approved foreign exchange broker. They will be able to find you the best deals and give you total peace of mind. Keep your money safe whilst abroad, only take out what you need for the day and get good travel insurance before you travel. Foreign exchange brokers often feature exchange rates that are 5% better than your bank is offering. If you are exchanging a lot of money, you could really save a fortune.

5. Steer Clear Of The Big Chains

Whilst global hotel chains might be convenient or seemingly offer better service than smaller hotels, they tend to be expensive and often very impersonal. Do you really just want to be another holidaymaker in an ocean of other holidaymakers? Do you really want to be queuing up for dinner with hundreds of other people on an all inclusive deal? If you really want to save a little money, choose a traditional, family-run hotel offering personal service, good deals and a choice of self-catered or full board options.

Aviva Tabachnik is a resident currency expert & partnerships executive at MyTravelMoney & MyCurrencyTransfer. Her passions are dance & travel.

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