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Christmas time around the world is celebrated according to local traditions and every family has their own little quirks. For many though, what makes it really special is the Christmas Food! When families take their seats for Christmas dinner, they feast their eyes on a variety of mouthwatering favourites. In our house it includes Spiced beef! Every house is different though, so we’ve taken a look at some Christmas food favourites from all over the world… Share yours in comments below!


1. Germany – Roast goose with red cabbage. Simple, but carefully arranged (as always!) the Christmas table in Germany combines the meat with vegetables and of course potatoes, a Germans’ favourite!


2. France – Stuffed turkey with chestnuts and foie gras! Sophisticated to the bone, French celebrate the big day with a luxurious delicacy.


3. ArgentinaCabrito asado or roast goat meat with mashed potato puree. Plain, but tasty, this traditional dish of Argentina will surely meet your expectations of a hearty meal.


4. NigeriaMoin moin or a pie with black beans, chicken, liver, shrimps and fish. We’d just like to say…yum  yum!

roast beef

5. Britain – Roast beef with all the trimmings.  A feast of colours and tastes and a perfect reason to escape in front of the TV for the afternoon.


6. FinlandGravlax Graavilohi or fresh salted salmon. For frugals!


7. Hungary – Roast goose. The goose stars again in the Christmas table of one more country, so don’t miss it if you get the chance to try some. Potatoes roasted in goose fat are an extra special treat too.


8. Romania – Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with mince meat and rice. An interesting variation in cooking white cabbage.


9. Jamaica – Goat meat with carry. A soup for the soul!


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10. BrazilSmoked pork with spices and farofa, a Brazilian crunchy topping or stuffing.

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