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New Years Resolution, holiday for less
Happy New Year: Our Travel New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolution, holiday for less

If you’ve made a resolution to spend a little less money this year then listen up. Here are the 21 cheapest places to holiday, according to blogger and all round travel whiz kid, Tim Leffel.

After travelling around the world with his wife three times, on a tiny budget, he’s put together some advice on where to have a holiday with more bang for your buck. His new book is set to be released in a few weeks, but here is a sneak preview of where you should be thinking of holiday this year. Let us know if you think there’s any place missing!

 21 cheapest holiday destinations


Image via Creative Commons @ Melenama

1. Thailand
2. Cambodia
3. Indonesia
4. Malyasia
5. Laos
6. Vietnam
7. India
8. Nepal
9. Morocco
10. Egypt
11. Jordan
12. Slovakia
13. Bulgaria
14. Hungary
15. Romania
16. Guatemala
17. Nicaragua
18. Bolivia
19. Peru
20. Ecuador
21. Honduras

Find the best cheap holidays to destinations all over the world from

Happy New Year: Our Travel New Years Resolutions

Our top ten travel New Years resolutions! Add your own in the comments below:

I will take more holidays

Pic 1

Image via: @ Karrienodalos

I will do something amazing

something amazing

Image via: @ Aigle_Dore 

I will learn to pack lighter

Do not overpack

Image by: @ GingerPig2000 

I will chill out properly

relax on the beach

Image via @ Aigle_Dore 

I will not forget my sunscreen


Image via: @ Kelly Sue

I will save more to spend on more holidays


Image via: @ Images of money

 I will try some local foods even if I stay totally dubious about them

local food

 Image via: @ Ugg boy

I will try out some new watersports

Banana boating

Image via: @ Peanuttt

I will go someplace I’ve always dreamed of

las vegas

Image via: @ Aigle_Dore

 I will be happy

be happy

Image via: @ Alex Normand

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