Purple Tips: Lanzarote Holidays

The winter doldrums have arrived, but don’t let freezing temperatures, icy footpaths and seemingly eternal dark days get the best of you this year. Instead plan Lanzarote holidays, the most easterly of Spain’s beautiful and exotic Canary Islands. This literal hotspot offers a unique way to escape winter’s icy clutches while making memories to get you through any blustery blizzard yet to come.

A Volcanic Paradise
Nicknamed the “Island of Eternal Spring,” Lanzarote is heralded for its spectacular year-round weather, scenic beaches and famous “lunar” landscapes thanks to more than 350 volcanic craters and one active volcano. A whopping 41 per cent of the island has been declared Protected Natural Areas, including the magnificent Timanfaya National Park.

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Skip the trip to the moon and enjoy Lanzarote’s lunar landscape instead.

Lanzarote’s major tourist destinations include Costa Teguise, Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca. Each of these offers a dynamic spot for tourists to relax and recharge. Students enjoy discounts on transportation and entrance tickets; combined with easy access from a number of different points, reasonable prices and a variety of accommodations, Lanzarote is an ideal destination for international students in search of exploration.

Activities Abound
While many visitors to Lanzarote spend time lazing on the tranquil beaches that dot the island’s breathtaking coastline, the more actively inclined take advantage of other ways to absorb a solid dose of spirit-lifting vitamin D. Water sports enthusiasts enjoy skin diving, sailing, windsurfing and kayaking, while landlubbers partake in everything from golf to horseback riding to trekking.

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Relaxing in Lanzarote doesn’t mean forgoing cultural enrichment. The island is rich with culture, and is home to more more than 15 museums and art galleries. Birthplace of renown artist Cesar Manrique, Lanzarote also offers a unique perspective into his amazing body of work through the government-administered Centres for Art, Culture and Tourism.

Bargain shoppers and souvenir hunters won’t be disappointed by Lanzarote’s wonderful wares. The island features several shopping centres selling everything from jewellery and clothing to electrical equipment, while Teguise’s open air Sunday Market is a terrific place to discover handmade crafts and fresh local produce, such as the island’s tasty cheese, “mojo sauce” and award-winning wines.

Some Like it Hot
Lanzarote’s weather may be moderate during the day but thanks to a thriving nightlife the temperatures rise in the evening. Bars and discos offer a variety of entertainment from local watering holes to exclusive clubs. Foodies, meanwhile, revel in the famed Canarian food served up by a number of popular island restaurants; these include local favorite “sancocho,” a fish stew, as well as the omnipresent “mojo sauce.” Spanish cuisine is also popular here, not to mention a growing international food scene. And of course you’ll need something to drink with all of these tasty treats; Lanzarote’s signature wines offer a taste treat for every palette.

This winter, don’t fall victim to the cold weather blues; instead, revel in the crystalline blues of Lanzarote’s stunning beaches, as well as the island’s numerous other tourist offerings.

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