Using Tint for Travel

Online is a big world and I think Tint is going to help our company Purple Travel make a splash. We aim to find customers the best price on holidays to destinations all over the world.

Tint is a social sharing platform which lets brands curate and aggregate their social media feeds in one place. Basically Tint displays pretty much every important social channel – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. It’s incredibly easy to edit and you have complete control over what you want to post. By using a specific hashtag e.g. #PurpleTravel it will narrow down all the content from your social feeds to include that one hashtag. It’s perfect for specific campaigns or holiday offers.

After a recent rebrand and new website, we wanted something that was really impressive, progressive and stands out. Our team created the Purple Travel Social Lounge where guests can engage and share pictures and posts and we can showcase our most important content. Using Tint we created a wall of content that updates almost in real time and refreshes automatically so our customers can enjoy the best of our social channels.


Using Tint for travel and the industry is a no brainer. Travel Industry social sharing is all about the visual and Tint is able to package that in one space that is totally customisable by the customer.

Here’s what I like about it so far

– It looks cool!
– Each stream is totally customisable. Using hashtags, keywords and accounts. It’s great for the big picture but also for specific campaigns.
– Not only is each channel easy to personalise, but the display options are great too. It’s easy to change fonts, colours etc.
– Extremely user friendly. Tint is easy to use, easy to edit and looks great. I have zero coding skills and still managed to create a widget and nice looking blog post about it.
– Easy to embed and embedded content is easily shareable through the individual pictures on our Tint space.
– When you edit the streams the results are practically real time. Check out our Instagram stream above as an example.
– Tint has a nice attitude and looks like a fun place to work. At the same time it is very customer focussed and they take pride in working hard. In their own words: “we strive to maintain a balanced life because we are running a marathon when building a company. We seek and accept challenges that make us feel uncomfortable. We try to learn something new every day.”

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