Making the most of your Cuba holiday

A trip to Cuba offers a holiday like no other. The largest of the Caribbean islands, Cuba beckons to visitors with promises of sun, sea, sand and salsa. Throw in a rich history, unique culture and exotic scenery, and Cuba stands apart as a “must see” vacation destination — particularly for those who immerse themselves in the laid back and distinctly Cuban spirit that characterises this extraordinary place.

Doesn’t just looking at this view make you feel more relaxed?

Embrace History
Stepping into the capital city of Havana offers an intriguing contrast of the old and the new. Take in sites ranging from an abundance of 1950s-era American cars to colourful Spanish Colonial architecture which has gracefully withstood the test of time. Whether window shopping along the Calle Obispo or touring the breathtaking Castillo de la Punta, be ready for some serious photo ops. And don’t forget to stop by a cigar factory to see Cuba’s most famous export being rolled, and perhaps even buy a box while you’re there.

Live It Up
Cubans are famous for their relaxed vibe. Tourists willing to go with the flow are likely to stumble upon unexpected delights and discoveries. This of course, is in addition to the standard rum cocktails and genuine cigars.

Any trip to Cuba is incomplete without some salsa. Not the spice, but the music, which was born in Cuba and lives on as an important part of the native culture. Whether you spectate from a quaint sidewalk cafe or dust off your dancing shoes and learn some new moves, salsa offers an exciting taste of Cuba’s vibrant offerings.

Keep in mind that the nightlife on a Cuba holiday doesn’t even start until after 10, and continues throughout the night and into early morning. Also, nightlife is a special occasion here, so dress to impress before heading out to one of the countless bars and clubs scattered throughout Havana’s Vedado district.

Beach Bliss

While there’s a lot to do in Cuba, there’s an equal amount NOT to do. Cubans know how to party, but they also know how to relax. Beach lovers will want to schedule a visit to the resort town of Varadero, celebrated for its white sand and translucent aqua water. A golfer’s paradise, Varadero is also home to the island’s sole 18-hole golf course, which is set against a stunning backdrop of sea and local scenery, including the extravagant 1930s mansions that dot the landscape.

Guardalavaca is another popular beach destination which offers different allures. Located on Cuba’s northeastern coast, this quaint former fishing village is known for its easygoing charm, as well as its premiere snorkeling and scuba diving offerings.

While you might be wondering how to create a budget planner for your dream vacation, embracing the lifestyle of the Cuban people is one of the simplest ways to trim costs while vacationing there. An even greater reason to live like the locals? You’ll gain a pure and organic perspective of this idyllic and largely undiscovered destination.

Joanna Hughes writes on all subjects, including fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel. Cuba is at the top of her must-do travel list.

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