Off The Beaten Track: What is Glamping

Thanks to Patrick, an expert glamper who gave us the lowdown on what is glamping! Turns out it’s a cool mix of camping and glamour, no buddy boots here!

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Glamping … it’s a funny new word. It’s actually two words mixed together which I’ve always found quirky in itself, but what makes this one really stand out is the fact that it’s actually two concepts rolled into one as well. And those two concepts – I imagined – were entirely contradictory. I couldn’t be more wrong! And the word isn’t funny really; it’s the concept that just makes you want to smile all day long.

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Camping for the “Nature” of it.

Since Glampelo’s located in one of the most beautiful parts of the “Serra da Estrella” (Mountains of the Star), a huge nature-reserve in the middle of Portugal, the Belgian couple wanted people to experience the full extent of nature’s beauty. And what better way to do that than to reside in the middle of it?! To be able to wake up, look out and see deer drinking from the river below; see birds of prey soaring over the valley while taking a bath or smell fresh mimosa and eucalyptus from the comfy sun loungers on your own terrace. It’s paradise! Glamping is GLAMorous camPING, and that concept was taken very literally at “Glampelo” in Portugal. After all, Inga & Patrick found it to be the best of two, nay, three, worlds. They wanted to be able to offer their guests a mixture of advantages they couldn’t find anywhere else.

The safari tents literally open up to let nature come inside but still keep the creepy crawlies out thanks to their unique terraced building concept.

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 A hotel for the “Luxury” of it.

Just trying to provide for our family has become a two-person full time job which leaves people stuck with several fulltime jobs: a day job, the housekeeping, being mum or dad and all that entails. So when on holiday you should be able to enjoy it to the fullest. The luxury of a hotel in a canvas suite is Glampelo’s answer! You get a delightful canopy bed with a mattress made of fluffy clouds and bunnytails, a huge bath to share with your partner, your own private toilet (no nightly trips to the common sanitary block) and comfortable lounge furniture. Five stars? Hey, you’ll be staying in the “Mountains of the Star”!It’s a stressful life these days. We really NEED our holiday and there’s hardly ever enough time to enjoy them to the fullest, let alone have them counter the effects of our everyday lives.

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A Bed&Breakfast for the “Service” of it.

There’s always something a little daunting (if exciting) about going abroad, different culture, different food, different language. It tends to add a little stress to your holiday which was actually meant to relieve you of just that. So a B&B is the safe choice, especially if it’s one of those that offer you a little slice of home in the middle of foreign land.

Glampelo offers recognisable cooking (with local fresh produce), four different languages to wish you good morning, knowledge of the area so vast you’ll never be bored (unless you want to be) and an ever-present smile which will make you feel right at home.

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Inga & Patrick

As Belgians and as former international fashion photographers, they have a cosmopolitan air about them that gives them the ability to adapt to all their guests, whatever walk of life or country they may be from. Their move to Portugal was prompted by a need to escape the stress of the fashion business and a desire to get back in touch with nature. Thanks to their many travels around the world, their experience with the pros and cons of the tourist business has culminated in Glampelo, their version of Glamping. But don’t believe everything you read, go visit them, they’ve got the Port-wine already waiting for you.

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