Purple Tips: 7 foods to try on holiday in Spain

Here is one for the foodies amongst you today.  Navigating a menu on holiday can be a nightmare sometimes, even when they are translated you don’t really know what something actually is. Purple Travel gives you the lowdown on the top 7 delicious Spanish foods to try on holiday so you don’t miss out! Have you tried any of the dishes mentioned below? Let us know your top tips for eating out in Spain.


The number one must-try food is tapas, less a food actually and more of an experience – you can’t go to Spain and not try tapas. The great thing is that you can eat it anytime and anywhere and because there is a little bit of everything on the plate there will be something for everyone to enjoy. Another awesome thing about Tapas is that in most bars in Madrid and Barcelona, you will get tapas for free – whether it be mini sandwiches, almonds, squid (really you can get anything). In other places such as the Basque Country and Andalusia you will have to pay but I’m sure it will be worth every penny.


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Paella is a rice-based dish consisting of a great mixture of rice, vegetables, meats, seafood and spices. There will be many varieties on offer but the three main types you will find are: Paella Valenciana (rice, vegetables, chicken, duck, rabbit, snails, beans and spices) Paella Mixta (usually made from rice, chicken, seafood, vegetables, and spices) and Seafood Paella (rice, seafood and spices). Doesn’t that sound appetizing, and why not wash it off with a nice sangria.


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Tortilla espaniola

Tortilla espaniola is basically a type of omelette cake made from potatoes, olive oil, onion and seasoning. Tortilla Espaniola looks so simple down to there being few ingredients but you will find varying degrees of quality and flavour depending on how long the potatoes are cooked and if onions are added or not. You will find it served in most places and at any time of the day, so you will be sure to find it on the menu in many places.

spanish tortilla

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Chorizo also isn’t really a meal in itself but does deserve a mention on its own. Chorizo is a type of cured meat that is seasoned with spices giving it a unique flavour. You can buy it yourself from a local butcher or try it at a restaurant either in a dish or it can also be ordered as part of tapas.


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Churros con chocolate

We couldn’t have a list with just savoury dishes could we. The sweet-toothed among you will love churros con chocolate. They are long, fried, sugary sticks of dough that can be served alone but are much better with a cup of thick hot chocolate for dipping. They are great to share but we are not sure if you will want to after having a taste.  You can grab churros as a street snack, perfect for an evening stroll.


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While cold tomato soup doesn’t sound so appetizing on paper, it can be so refreshing after a day under the sun and nothing compares to trying it in Spain. It is a thick, cold, tomato based soup which also consists of green peppers, cucumber, garlic, onions, vinegar and some other herbs. It is usually served as an appetizer so you can order some before a main course or it’s great for smaller appetites, leaving room for a delicious dessert.


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Patatas Bravas

Patatas Bravas are the Spanish version of home-cooked chips but with a little twist. Patatas Bravas are normally cubed, cooked in olive oil and served with a slightly spicy paprika sauce. They are usually served as a tapas dish but can be ordered alone. They are also perfectly paired with a nice cold beer.

patatas bravas

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