Purple Tips: Goa holidays – The perfect winter detox

Goa holidays are full of vibrant markets, stunning scenery, spectacular sunsets and beaches? Here’s our insider guide to Goa, the perfect winter detox holiday destination. So if you stuffed yourself silly at Christmas and had a bit too much to drink over the new year then read on to see how a Goa holiday could be perfect to start the year afresh.


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If you are particularly affected by the winter season and feel affected by deprivation of sunlight then Goa is the perfect winter destination with temperatures ranging from 25c-35c, you’ll get on average 10 hours sun a day, giving you a vital boost of Vitamin D, helping you to feel happy and healthy. Sun exposure has also been linked to strengthening your bones and decreasing symptoms of asthma. Be careful though, you should only expose yourself to the sun slowly, and moderately.


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Goa holidays will give you a break from the hearty but sometimes unhealthy British cuisine. Mostly you will find meat-free dishes consisting of fish or vegetables with curry made with coconut and local spices. Of course there is temptation everywhere and Goa caters for kinds of eaters but having easy access to flavoursome and healthy cuisine, may give you the kickstart you need. Goa can be split into two cuisines: Goan Hindu cuisine and Goan Catholic cusine. The Hindu cuisine of Goa is less spicy and less oily with lentils, pumpkins, shoots, bamboo and root vegetables being the staple ingredients. Goan Catholic cuisine on is highly influenced by Konkani, South Indian, Portuguese (who colonised the area in the 18th and 19thcenturies), British and Saraswat cuisines, focusing mainly on onion or garlic flavours, with plenty of seafood and some meats. However the important thing to note here that is both cuisine types have a reputation for flavour and freshness.

Temple time

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Sri Manguesh Shantadurgai Prasanna Temple in Mangeshi is dedicated to the deity of Lord Shiva and is one of Goa’s main attractions located just 22 km from Panaji the capital of Goa. Sri Mangesh temple is renowned for its pristine condition and attracts thousands of visitors every year. The temple is a place of pilgrimage for followers of Shiva and a visit can be a very rewarding and spiritual experience.

Do good

There are many charities in Goa doing great work to make the lives of children in Goa better. A lot of work is done to help with education and helping families with medical issues. A small donation to charity can go a long way and can be a very rewarding feeling.

Spa Treatments

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Of course, no detox could be complete without a bit of spa therapy. Many hotels in Goa such as the Whispering Palms Resort in Candolim will offer on-site treatments and massages, so you don’t have to move a muscle to get your muscles moved! Some may even offer their own detox, yoga, meditation or relaxation packages, so if you are looking for something really therapeutic then make sure to do your research on hotels and resorts.

So now we’ve given you the lowdown on why Goa holidays are perfect for detoxing then let’s delve into some of the resorts where you can go. As a general rule, North Goa is busier, as this is where the capital and much of the nightlife is located, while the south is definitely quieter and more laidback.

North Goa

Candolim – While Candolim is not exactly empty, for North Goa it is on the quieter side if you are still tempted by holidays in North Goa. There is a beautiful beach and still many restaurants and bars close by.

One of the quieter beaches in the Northern part of Goa, Candolim is not exactly empty, but tends to be on the quieter side. There are plenty of restaurants and bars nearby to keep your energy levels up for all the sunbathing.

Vagator – This is still a big resort but if letting your hair down is therapy for you then Vagator has the best beach parties you’ll find in all of Goa, from trance to techno, hippies and backpackers, it’s a spot for people from all walks of life and certainly a place to connect and expand your horizons as you dance the night away.

South Goa

Agonda Beach – clean and out of the way, Agonda beach regular tops the list of best beaches in Goa. It’s simply stunning and secluded so is perfect for your winter retreat.

Cansaulim – For last-minute holidays, Cansaulim is perfect as it offers a really relaxed atmosphere that is close to two airports, so it’s perfect if you want to escape to the sun last minute. There are sleepy villages nearby to stay in plus hotels and resorts, meaning you’ll never be short of accommodation choices either.

Betalbatim – Betalbatim epitomises the meaning of peace and quiet  which is only interrupted by the odd bird or dolphin. Betalbatim has a friendly atmosphere that means if you go alone you won’t feel lonely and many people return to Betalbatim year upon year.

Colva – Renowned for natural beauty, this 20-odd mile stretch of sand and white ocean leaves plenty of room for a secluded lounge on the beach, the perfect mix of sun, sea and sand if you ask me.




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