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Wondering what’s the best place to eat during your holidays in Greece? We are more than excited to present you the highlights of the most stunning Greek gastronomy ceremony, ”Golden Chef’s Hat”, held in Athens on Monday April 20th in the Ballroom of the hotel “Grande Bretagne”.  Foreign journalists and ministers, as well as Greek tourism professionals shared their excitement for culinary experiences celebrating the best restaurants in Greece. As gastronomy is amongst the most authentic cultural elements of Greece, the ”Golden Chef’s Hat” awards, for the first time in 22 years, brought not one but two restaurants to the top of the Greek culinary scene.

Hector Mpotrini’s “Etrusco” in Corfu and” the Athenian “Funky Gourmet” by Nikos Roussos and Georgianna Chiliadaki  were identified as the best restaurants for 2015. Gourmet Greek Awards are awarded each year in restaurants across Greece, regardless of the type of their cuisine, with a mark from 15/20 and above. Innovations and technological dimensions of cooking are combined with a conceptual approach, offering high class dining or a special twist of traditional local dishes. Athens’ restaurants collected a total οf 23 awards, however, many of Greece’s popular tourism destinations recorded a significant high performance too:

  • Halkidiki with 7 & Crete with 6 awards
  • Santorini, Mykonos and Thessaloniki with 4 awards
  • Rhodes with 3 awards
  • Patmos and Pelion awarded for the 1st time each winning a Greek Cuisine award 

Etrusco 16,5/20Corfu

Hector Mpotrini continues to evolve the traditional cuisine of Corfu, expressing the soul of famous and non-local dishes with unexpected creativity and imaginative innovations. Using exceptional materials from his garden, local small farmers and gatherers, he uses the latest trends in cooking technology and tailor-made grill and creates dishes as visual compositions’ that fascinate diners. 

Top plate: Vento di Levante (a composition with illex, homemade salami, chlorophyll and ”tsigarelia”- sautéed greens with onions and tomatoes)

Address: Kato Korakiana, Corfu

Funky Gourmet 16,5/20Athens

Set in a modern environment, dinner is a skillfully orchestrated ritual full of surprises and transitions. Sometimes conceptual, sometimes disarmingly minimal, with raw materials, the charm of cooking artistry magnetizes sight and taste with a streak of well-considered twists of creativity and technique.

Top plate: Kakavia shabu shabu ( a soup made of grouper fish with hot oil, broth and lemon)

Address: Paramythias 13 & Salaminos, Keramikos (Gazi)

Golden Chef’s Hat Awards

Awarded restaurants from the Greek mainland & islands:

1. Etrusco(Corfu) – 16.5/20
2. Varoulco(Athens) – 16/20
3. Botrini’s (Athens) – 16/20
4. Funky Gourmet (Athens) – 16/20
5. Hytra (Athens) – 16/20
6. Spondi (Athens) – 16/20
7. Squirrel (Halkidiki) – 16/20
8. Galazia Hytra (Westin Athens-Astir Palace hotel, Athens) – 15,5/20
9. Dionysos (Elounda Beach hotel, Crete) – 15,5/20
10. Matsuhisa Athens (Astir Palace hotel, Athens) – 15,5/20
11. Matsuhisa Mykonos (Belvedere hotel, Mykonos) – 15,5/20
12. Abovo (Athens) – 15/20
13. Alfredo’s (Regency Casino hotel, Thessaloniki) – 15/20
14. Anassa (Thessaloniki) – 15/20
15. Bill & Coo (Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge hotel, Mykonos) – 15/20
16. Botrini’s Rodi (Belle Vue hotel, Rhodes) – 15/20
17. Calypus (Elounda Peninsula hotel, Crete) – 15/20
18. Koukoumavlos(Santorini) – 15/20
19. Domata(Sani Resort hotel, Halkidiki) – 15/20
20. Old Mill(Elounda Mare Hotel, Crete) – 15/20
21. Selini(Santorini) – 15/20
22. Tudor Hall (King George hotel, Athens) – 15/20
23. Water Restaurant (Sani Resort hotel, Halkidiki) – 15/20

Greek Cuisine Awards

1. Aleria (Athens) – 14.5/20
2. Vasilaina (Piraeus) – 14.5/20
3. Kontosoros (Xino Nero, Florina) – 14.5/20
4. Kool Life (Life Gallery hotel, Athens) – 14.5/20
5. Lady Finger (Andronicus hotel, Mykonos) – 14.5/20
6. Milos Estiatorio (Athens Hilton hotel, Athens) 14.5/20
7. Papaioannou (Piraeus) – 14.5/20


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