Top 24 Brunches in the world to make you drool

It’s brunch o’clock! 
Brunch o'clock!

Straddling between breakfast and lunch time, brunch has become the hottest trend these days… our favorite leisure break! It’s story was framed in the late 1800s by English and its’ fame was escalated after 130 years in the U.S. However, the word itself was first appeared in Hunter’s Weekly content when Guy Beringer asked the public to have only light meals before going to church on Sunday afternoon. He said that brunch gives you a more jaunty temper and you are instantly like an upbeat ‘’looney kid’’. He even suggested the local restaurants and pubs serving beer with a nice plate of delicacies instead of the typical English tea or coffee. However, there was a short mention on the Punch magazine in 1876 saying that when you eat at times which are a bit closer to breakfast, this is brunch…

They say that the famous broker ‘’Benedict, who was working in Wall Street, came up with the delicious dish we all know, back at 1894. The old version of brunch included traditional waffles, the typical English/American pancakes and omelettes, but the modern fare throws us for a loop. Sweet and sour cupcakes, different types of pizzas and mini burgers,
filled or not pancakes with endless toppings, scrabbled/Scandinavian poached/benedict eggs, English typical breakfast dish, Italian scones, Spanish frittatas, amazing types of breads with marmalade/sour cream or chocolate; this never-ending savory list will make you swoon or start packing for your next brunch journey around the world!

We are used to have brunch usually on weekends, particularly on lazy Sundays and that’s because the most of us are workaholic night crawlers or insane party-goers who had terrible morning headaches due to last nights’ cocktail shots! But it isn’t ideal only for the night carousers, we’re all lucky enough to have such an experience in our homes. So, imagine an array of mouth-watering delicacies like a huge foodie masterpiece, embraced by your loved ones and hundreds of cheerful emotions.
The magic in brunch is hidden behind these words: ultimate pleasure, indulgence, fulfillment, enjoyment!

Extra Purple Tip: If you don’t fancy enjoying your delicious espresso/cappuccino or Dominicana (Russian – Caffe Lolita & coffee liqueur) while brunching, then, why not take a sip of a cooling Mimosa, Aperol Spritz, Peach or Cherry Bellini, Bloody Mary, Sparkling Pomegranate Punch or a Gin Lemonade!

Let us introduce you the top-notch miracles in the foodie world, from sweet and sour to salty and bitter! How sweet/sour-toothee are you?


English ‘’Breakfast’’ – A nice mix of Bacon, eggs, sausages, fresh tomato, bread, mushrooms & black pudding beans

English Breakfast

Sweet Crepes
with lemon juice & sugar – drizzle it with golden syrup

English sweet crepes

DENMARK: Aebleskiver or Ebelskiver –
Puffed pancake
(In North America too)

Souffled pancake-like ‘’Pannenkoeken’’ with fruits & sugar

GREECE: ‘’Tiganites’’ – Yummy crispy pancake a la Grecque, covered with honey, cinnamon & walnuts

Greek Tiganites - pancake -like

FRANCE: Traditional Quiche Lorraine – Open-faced pastry crust with savory custard filling with a variety of ingredients such as different types  of cheese, vegetables, bacon, pieces of meat or seafood

Traditional Quiche Lorraine

French toast – Pieces of bread fried with a mix of milk and eggs, topped with sugar and cinnamon followed by a variety of topping such as jam & chocolate

French Toast

ITALY: Blueberry pizza with whipped ricotta & shallots

Italian sweet pizza

‘’Scarpaccia’’ zucchini tart

Italian Scarpaccia tart

AUSTRIA, LIEGE: Belgian delicious Waffles with marmalade or chocolate

Austrian mini waffles

Strawberry Cinnamon Rolls (traditional sweet in Germany too) –
they are made usually by apple sauce but you can put any kind of filling

Traditional cinnamon rolls

SPAIN:’Frittata’’ baked with vegetables, ham  & goat cheese

Spanish Frittata

PORTUGAL, LISBON Smoked salmon, soft-boiled eggs, local cheeses – ham & sausage, avocado, fresh tomato with olive oil & herbs & a large variety of fruits!

Portuguese Brunch

Sweden: Nordic thick potato-pancakes 
fried in butter & served with pork

Swedish potato-pancakes

US: Fluffy pancakes with maple syrup (any State)

American Pancaked with maple syrup

It’s street food time! Mini burger sliders with Benedict eggs & Hollandaise sauce (L.A, California & Chicago)

American mini burger sliders

‘’Frittaffle’’ – Combination of the Spanish Frittata & Waffles with bacon, potatoes, arugula, red bell peppers & cheese

Ftittafle - Frittata + Waffle Mix

NORTH AMERICA, MEXICO:  ‘’Chilaquiles’’ Fried tortillas bathed in green
or red salsa (tart green tomatillo sauce is also preferred in Mexico City)

 Mexican delicacies Chilaquiles

Viva Mexico! ”Huevos Rancheros” Bagel with refried beans, eggs, green chilies, tomatoes, cheese and diced avocados

 A la Huevos Rancheros Bagel

SOUTH AMERICA, VENEZUELA: Scrambled eggs with bacon, onions & tomatoes followed by well-baked potatoes

Venezuelan scrambled eggs


JAPAN: ‘’OKONOMIYAKI’’ baked pancakes made with flour, eggs & cabbage (Insider’s Tip: You can put more ingredients of your choice too!)

Japanese pancakes - Okonomiyaki

NORTH AFRICA & ISRAEL: ‘’Shashouka’’ – Baked eggs in tomato & pepper sauce

Shashouka Brunch North Africa

AUSTRALIA: ‘’Pikelets’’ – Type of pancakes outside crispy and inside spongy, with sour crème & jam

Pikelets Australian pancakes

Smashed avocado on toast – usually seen in Melbourne

Melbourne Brunch recipes


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