Holidays to Benidorm: Life and fun before marriage


Holidays to Benidrom

Say that the day is fast approaching. Say that soon you will be called Wife and Husband. Say that your almost single life needs to end with a bang. Well wonder no further and book a holiday to Benidorm! One of the main Mediterranean party destinations, Benidorm has wonderful beaches, luxury hotels and fun by the ton for those who can, will and should get the party on! Try the following daytime and night time activities and make your holidays to Benidorm something to remember when you daydream while shopping for groceries as well as give your mates something they’ll cherish too!


Daytime Activities

Catamaran Cruise

Don’t own a catamaran? No worries! You can rent one for a daily cruise around the shores with your buddies. Have a swim, sunbathe and party like a gentleman!


For car enthusiasts and speed freaks alike, book one or more sessions and organise your own mini championship! Don’t forget though, the last to cross the finish line buys the boys a round so be quick or be charged!


Want to get in touch with your inner Rambo? Too much time spent playing Call of Duty? Put all that practice into action and book a paintballing session for you and your mates!

Jeep Safari

Roam around the wilderness and explore the paths and villages around Benidorm and the surrounding mountains. Climb on the jeep and be sure to take your camera along as the views alone are a great hangover cure!


Pack your clubs or rent some and go for the ace! The golf courses around Benidorm are well maintained and the prices fair so book ahead and enjoy a day golfing under the sun.


Night time Activities

Stag Dinner

Probably the best way to round off an intense day and get your drinks on before you go partying. The local restaurants serve a wide variety of dishes that will satisfy even the most demanding eaters amongst the group with prices that fit according to your budget.

Bar Crawl

Can’t be considered a stag holiday to Benidorm if there’s no alcohol involved right? Get ready to party and discover the vibrant local nightlife! The area offers a vast array of bars and clubs to choose from and you can always book for a VIP night with your mates if you want to live it like a major player!

Gentlemen’s Club

No need of an introduction here as you should really consider the advantage that a stag holiday offers! Keep yourself and everyone happy by going for a lap dance or many and enjoy your last nights of freedom before the big day! If you’d rather give a more VIP vibe to your holidays in Benidorm  you can always book a stripper to pay a visit in your hotel suite!


Keep some money on the side and spend it like a high roller! The drinks and amusements are always on offer and the visitors keen so grab your cocktails and cigars and go for the jackpot!


As already mentioned the nightclubs are numerous and the chances high so get your drinks and grooves on and join the party! After all clubbing doesn’t end after going to uni but getting married might make things a bit more complicated. Book your tickets in advance and save up for drinks because you have to treat your guests to a night that shall not be forgotten (or remembered in some cases).

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