Cheap holidays in Spain: The do’s and don’ts!

Cheap Holidays in Spain

Let’s face it, most of us would like to embark on an adventure in Spain but being on a modest budget which is normally the case, can ruin your holidays way faster than imagined. In this guide we offer you some tips in order to enjoy cheap holidays in Spain  while avoiding coming back or even worse being stranded with an empty wallet.

Do: Book in advance

Most holiday deals are there for a reason. Take your time when booking and research the place you want to go to along with the most budget friendly attractions close by. In most of cases all-inclusive holidays can include competitive tickets or discounts for restaurants and bars and it would be advisable if not essential to check those out and include the best ones for you and your travel companions.

Do: Take your time to make a plan

Planning ahead saves money and effort and it would be highly advisable that you plan carefully especially if you are on a limited budget. After all nobody wants to waste their money an effort for nothing. Cheap holidays in Spain could be such a case if you don’t take the appropriate time to plan ahead but could also be the best vacations ever if you do.

Do: Keep the closest embassy phone numbers and address available

Because nobody likes to be left stranded in a sunny and friendly European country without money or a place to go if things go south. Or do they? In any case it would be highly advisable to have the closest embassy details handy in case you run out of money or get into legal trouble. Sometimes an innocent night of partying might go a long way and you have to be prepared.

Do: Ask the locals for cheap small eateries

Being a (mostly) Mediterranean country Spain has loads of small restaurants that serve fresh and delicious local cuisine with friendly prices. Ask around and make acquaintances with locals who can help you in finding the next cheap culinary gem around your area without breaking the bank! Cheap holidays in Spain don’t necessarily mean bad food if you know where to look.

Don’t: Buy unnecessary memorabilia

Yes it may be a sign of good faith to bring back t-shirts and cups with “I heart Spain” logos on them but think about your budget. Sometimes touristy memorabilia might cost a fortune and the costs would certainly add up if you have a big family or decide to stock up your drawer back home.

Don’t: Go for unproven hotels (read reviews)

Your hotel is your fortress (almost). Take your time if you are booking yourself as many good looking pictures do not imply a clean or well organised hotel in all of the cases. Read the all available reviews if possible and go for the best value for money according to the most objective means that you can find. If you have experienced acquaintances ask them and get their take on the place you are going and the hotel you are about to book. Sometimes you might be surprised at what you hear.

Don’t: Venture around with all your money on you

Or if you absolutely have to do so pick a safe place to hide it. It would not be advised to go around with all your money on you in case it gets stolen or missing especially if you are on a limited budget. However in case you decide to do so either get a money belt or hide it in your shoes. The most cases of theft often occur on mass transport as pickpockets have a keen eye out for tourists who might be careless with their valuables.

Don’t: Panic

After all you’re there to have a good time. Panic will certainly make your holidays less enjoyable and possibly even more costly. It would be good to spend money on a taxi from A to B but you would better reserve it in case something goes really wrong if you are on a budget. Cheap holidays in Spain or wherever else in that respect require that you keep your spirit up and your costs low!

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